Egyptians: Stop Destroying Your National Treasures


Cosmic Log - Tut’s treasures rescued from looters

By Alan Boyle
Update for 3:30 p.m. ET Jan. 30: Despite the best efforts of the Egyptian army and a human shield, some of the ancient treasures inside the century-old Egyptian Museum were damaged during a brief wave of looting, authorities in Cairo say. Among the damaged artifacts are two pharaonic mummies and a priceless statuette from the tomb of Tutankhamun.


These idiots have no respect for their own country. I would shoot them on site if I was in the soldiers place. Stealing or destroying your own national treasures is just plain ridiculous.


Remember when the Talibanders in Afghanistan blew up the massive statues of Buddha? Do not be surprised if Egyptian antiquities are vandalized and/or destroyed should the Muslim Brotherhood types gain power. Remember too that Arabs brought Islam to and ruled Egypt. The descendants of the original Egyptian people are the Copts (who became Christians in the time between the First and Seventh Centuries, though doubtless some became Muslims in the past 14 centuries), so the Muslim Arabs are less attached to Egypt’s Pharaonic past and many tend to regard it as something idolatrous needing to be wiped out.


They’re all gonna suffer from…

But seriously, this is very sad.

True, although the Egyptian Arabs have pretty much melded with the general Egyptian population since the seventh century. They view it as their ancestral homeland; modern-day Egyptians are descended a wide variety of peoples including Greeks, Persians, Romans, Assyrians, Turks, Arabs, Jews, various sub-Saharan peoples, and peoples that have been in the region since prehistoric times; it’s just that the Arab culture is the one that is dominant nowadays. Also, the designation of the Copts is strictly a religious one that, it is not the original Egyptian people, although the Coptic language is the last remnant of the ancient Egyptian language.


Even before Egypt was conquered by the Romans, Greeks, Persians, Babylonians and Assyrians, the indigenous Egyptian people were very mixed in Pharaonic times with peoples from the south and northwest of Africa, Canaanites and Semitic peoples from east and NE of Egypt and from various traders in the Eastern Med.


Only savages would steal national treasures.