El nino storms slam drought-parched california


El Nino storms lined up in the Pacific, promising to drench parts of the West for more than two weeks and increasing fears of mudslides and flash floods in regions stripped bare by wildfires.
Stronger systems are predicted starting Tuesday following light rain a day earlier. At least two more storms are expected to follow on Wednesday and Thursday, possibly bringing as much as 3 inches of rain.
The National Weather Service issued a flash-flood watch for Northern California communities affected by several destructive wildfires last summer and fall.
The brewing El Nino system - a warming pattern in the Pacific Ocean that alters weather worldwide - is expected to impact California and the rest of the nation in the coming weeks and months.

News from The Associated Press

First I am surprised the headline does not scream global warming. Next not living in California, I do not know the conditions and wonder if this storm is anything out of the usual or just an attempt to panic citizens. I would think that the water would be welcome to refill reservoirs.