Electing a crime family


I’ve been on record as pointing out that Trump has run such a lousy campaign that he will likely lose to a corrupt, incompetent Hillary Clinton precisely because of his repeated missteps…

That point made, I think it important to make another point - that should Trump lose it will also be as a result of a second contributing factor…

As a nation/electorate we have moved in the wrong direction on a number of fronts. I sense a cultural shift - one in which basic values have likely shifted among a significant number of Americans.

Proof: Ask yourselves, 30 years ago would we have even remotely entertained electing a presidential candidate under FBI investigation for espionage and possibly operating a pay-for-play crime syndicate known as the Clinton Global Initiative?

Well, in 2016 it appears very possible, perhaps likely, we are about to elect Hillary and invite her extended crime family/cabal into the White House.

The mere possibility that over time our values have been compromised so severely that Americans are seriously entertaining handing over the reigns of power to the Clinton crime family should frighten the hell out of all of us.


We already elected the Bush family. So this is not a first.


I’m no fan of the Bushes, but to speak of them in the same breath as Hillary Clinton, to declare equivalency of deed and scale, is beyond ridiculous.


Agreed. Bushes are globalists but they are not power-hungry criminals.


Would we have EVER tolerated Obama and his dictatorship…not hardly.


criminal…maybe not…>but they are globalists and at odds with the security and sovereignty of the American people. You are judged by whom you associate with and they have always associated with the Clintons…near son status.

And it is said by Jeb’s son that Uncle George cast a vote for Hillary. And here are photos of them being very warm with each other…>So maybe they don’t have the courage to be criminal themselves? but they associate with criminals and are not above profiting off that. How does an alleged conservative be so loving to a sexual predator and i’m talking BOTH of them. Information regarding her taking her own little trips on the Lolita express are emerging all the time. I wonder if the bushes took trips too?

Regardless…they are not to be trusted and are as big an enemy of the American people as anyone on the left. Bytheway, you know that the Bushes bought a HUGE portion of land Above the world’s largest aquifer in south America…didn’t you? And no one says anything about it. A Secret… why is that?


But after this election campaign, I will never think of them as favorably as I once did. They broke their word to support the Republican presidential nominee, and as they have done it, they are giving support to the worst major party presidential candidate in history.

As for Hillary, if you put her in Shakespearean terms, she is Lady MacBeath without a conscience.


Because we nominated the worst Republican in history.

Many Neocons who support pro-active foriegn policy, see Trump as their undoing. Clinton they think is someone they can work with.

> As for Hillary, if you put her in Shakespearean terms, she is Lady MacBeath without a conscience.

And Trump is one head shave and a mecha suit away from being Lex Luthor. He’s “admired” for the wrong things, while the wrong things he’s done get swept under the rug/

Both of these people are awful, there’s no daylight in-between how terrible each would be as President. As our chief diplomat, as our commander-in-chief, neither is worthy.


Look at trump’s kids. I don’t think I’ve EVER heard scandal about any of his children. They are courteous, kind, love this country, recognize the value of and are not afraid of hard work, seem truthful, generous, so far they’re above reproach…and you talk about Trump as if you accept the fabrication of the media.


What I was about to say, Caroline. AS seems to think that everything coming out of the media is gospel. I don’t trust them to give us the correct time of sunrise and sunset, let alone tell us the truth about whoever is trying to unseat their favorite candidate. “7 or 8 women claim to have been sexually molested by Trump.” BS on a shingle. The man is a BILLIONAIRE and these “victims” of sexual predation aren’t fabulously wealthy today? Nonsense.


I take Trump’s own media as a very good indicator of the man. Interviews where he talks ****, advocates leftist BS, and treats women like crap.

I don’t believe the accusations because the talking head said so; I believe them because Trump has made himself out to be the very kind of man who wouldn’t think twice of doing it.


Bottom line: I voted to elect a self-described womanizer over a crime syndicate headed by a sociopath who knowingly compromised national security in order to hide the illegal activity of the Clinton family’s wealth generating scheme known as the Clinton Global Initiative.

Really folks, it wasn’t a difficult decision for me whatsoever.


Calling Trump a womanizer is wrong. I have not read one shred of proof he has been such a person. I believe after the election these accusations will go away and those paid to say them will disappear into the wood work.

So Trump has a potty mouth and he engages in man talk which mean is nothing. These men and women who claim outrage must have a very sheltered life or are ignoring the behavior they display daily in their own lives.

Women also have a potty mouth when they gather which is also a fact of life.


For some years I lived in N Dallas and was a regular on the bar circuit, some observations:

I was single at that time, in fact I was single for over 20 years.

I would bump into various folks at various bars over time and mostly we would acknowledge each other with a nod and high five or fist pump, a few I got to know. Ed I saw often, N Dallas love beads (chest full of gold chains, one of which was a Tiger’s tooth from his hunt in Afika), N Dallas Timex (gold Rolex). Of course none of this was real, Gold, gold TONE more like it and the gold Rolex, truth be they had to buy one about ever month or so because the gold was almost wash off and if they took a shower with it on, it would rust, the Tiger’s tooth, plastic and most could not find Afrika on a global map. Ed, well he owned restaurants (truth: Ed drove a food truck)

Terry. I liked him, he was funny, but those Tigers teeth, how many does it take to convey the message you are a virile man, of course each one he got on safari (Spencer’s in the mall). Terry’s line he was in the oil business, he was an oil trader. Truth: Terry worked at a drive thru oil change joint trading new oil for used…

Lisa: Lisa saddled over to me at a TGI Fiday’s (back in the day when there was a waiting line to get in). Lisa made some small talk then leaned over and said she was a Dallas Cowboy’s Cheerleader, I whispered in her ear I was one the backup quarterback for the Cowboy’s, of course NO ONE knew what that was, so it was easy and besides I had gone to SMU with Don Meredith, that sealed the deal…it was a short lived relationship, I never learned her last name nor did she mine. But it was good while it lasted, my guess was (looking back) she was married and hubby was out of town, I never knew where she lived and I remember her saying: You really are single! (I lived by myself). She was also impressed that my Rolex was real (not gold and I had bought it at the PX in Korea when I was stationed there).

Take away: Trumpy never said anything I had not heard in a bar in N Dallas from men AND women and I suspect you can still hear the same stories, see the same fake Tigers teeth and Rolex’s today in any bar in any big city…


Listen to his taped commentaries from a decade or more ago. If one can believe his self-professed accounts and not simply write his comments/accounts off as an attempt on his part to verbally express his manliness, then so be it. I can’t and won’t. Reports of Trump’s womanizing/playboy persona around NYC and Atlantic City has been well chronicled over the last 35 years. Are all these accounts and bombastic commentaries regarding women attributed to Trump a reflection of the truth? I’m pretty certain not all of them are.

However, being in denial and “in the tank” is not a good look.


I was talking to the wife about this subject and I recalled a joke I had read many years ago in Playboy where there were two guys talking and the one bet the other he could not have sex with a thousand women. Well the day came and as the one guy have just finished off the 800th woman he looked liked he could not continue so he lamented that when he practiced that morning that he had no problem.

The point is men BS each other and everyone knows it is male bonding. I have walked into a room where females are talking at work and they are getting down with their language. I remember once being asked if I had over heard them and I said tactfully not a word. I am an adult and not some cringing snowflake who will shout filthy nonsense then complain about other’s language. Try working around a loading dock. There was this one place that relished blue language. Every other word was derogatory and aimed at a fellow worker in jest.

BTW I read Playboy for the intellectual articles.


Sam, have you ever commented that you have gotten away with grabbing beautiful women by their (vaginas)? Have you ever commented on tape that as the owner of the Miss Teen USA pageant you have walked into the dressing room of these women/girls as they are changing?

Trump has, and on tape. It is a crime to physically touch a woman in such a way without her consent - and it should not simply be ignored. I don’t give anyone a free pass on BS. Obviously you are willing to do so.


You don’t know what’s been edited and there’s been plenty of that. You realize tht the same media that convinces you that Trump is evil incarnate is the same one that portrays Hillary’s evil as good.

think about it.


I used to take care of both women and men at one time and that even included bathing them so your question has no meaning. I have never been to a beauty pageant nor wanted to. You have been pushing for Hillary in your posts because you are upset that one of the republican RINOs did not make it so I consider your question more in the line of more obfuscation to disguise that point.

Trump is a wild card and he was not my first choice but we have a choice between Hillary a known liar and abuser, yes I said abuser, she went after the women that Bill played with. On Trump’s side we have a man goaded into speaking like this and unknowingly recorded. Are you telling me that all the men you have spoke with or overheard have been little angels? If so you do not get out much.

I heard from other men that women they are around talk even worse that Trump. It all depends where one hangs out at or with whom.

Do I talk like that? Normally I do not but it depends with who you are with.


you were there? I mean, physically present? because otherwise you’re taking the word of lying reporters and newsreaders who have an agenda. And you KNOW they have an agenda, right?