Election 2012, What Does It Mean?


I have been hearing everything from “[I]America[/I][I] must no longer be a Center-Right Nation”[/I] to “The [I]Takers must have finally outnumbered the Payers so it is over for [/I][I]America[/I][I]”[/I] since Romney had his backside handed to him on November 6[SUP]th[/SUP].


All Conservatives knew way back in the Primary that Romney was not a “Conservative”, he was an Establishment GOP, East Coast Liberal with a pedigree that would rival Obama himself on issues relating to the Left/Right Paradigm.

Romney won the nomination by default; his campaign (aided by the GOP) systematically destroyed every Conservative challenger that gained support until Romney was the last guy standing. Conservatives then started ascribing traits to him that were never warranted and added hyperbole like [I]“We must win or [/I][I]America[/I][I] is doomed!”[/I] or [I]“This Election will define the future philosophy of [/I][I]America[/I][I]!”[/I]


Romney never came close to portraying himself like his media supporters portrayed him; they were putting their own desires in place of reality just like Obama supporters did in 2008.

Need some examples?
Obamacare; Romney said from the start that he would [I]“Repeal and replace it”[/I], not the Conservative argument that [I]“Our health care problems are rooted in government involvement, they will be resolved by removing the government not by further ignoring the Constitution by getting government more involved”.[/I]

When Romney (The guy recognized as the Godfather of Socialized medicine in America) took the “Repeal and replace” position he was basically saying[I] “I agree with Obama that government is the solution but my way would work much better”. [/I]This was not only [B]not [/B]Conservative but he left himself trying to make the case that something [B]not yet implemented[/B] needed his superior tweaking before anyone had experienced it. This was not an issue that the people were deciding a fundamental philosophy on, it was just an argument of nuance that no voter could quantify until after Obamacare was implemented.

Need more?
How about the Class Warfare issue; Romney never made a Conservative case for Capitalism and the universal success of Market Based Economics over managed economies. He said that he wanted to reform the tax code in such a way as to give the [I]“middle class”[/I] a [I]“much needed tax break”[/I] and still maintain the current level of taxation on the [I]“Upper Class”.[/I]

Once again Romney [B][I]agreed with Obama[/I][/B] that the [I]“Rich”[/I] should remain responsible for almost all the taxes paid and everyone else (who mostly do not pay any taxes) should get a [I]“break”[/I] (subsidy is a much more accurate word for this). This was not only presenting a pointless, complex math problem before voters (how the 20 percent cut would not reduce the burden on the wealthy) but it also left him cosigning Obama’s Class Warfare premise and arguing nuance…again.

Am I the only one who saw Romney spend an entire foreign policy debate agreeing with Obama’s catastrophic mess and avoiding the mention of Obama leaving an American Ambassador to be murdered and publicly defiled?

Where is the [I]“fundamental choice in [/I][I]America[/I][I]’s direction”[/I] in all this? Where is the opposing view (Conservative or otherwise) in these matters where mostly nuance separated the Candidates?

The Romney campaign PRAISED Social Security and Medicare as [I]“Essential programs that must be preserved for posterity” [/I]and bemoaned the removal of mandatory work requirements for Welfare recipients,

Romney never made the Conservative case that these programs are unsustainable and Unconstitutional so they should be gradually phased out before they bankrupt us. Romney NEVER argued the FACT that Welfare had destroyed the family structure of the poorest Americans and transformed what was once a temporary financial condition into a generational curse.

When Obama blamed Bush for our economic woes Romney [B]AGREED[/B], he never said [I]“All economies cycle regardless of who the President is, Bush’s economy did look poor at the time but any 4 year period of it looks pretty great compared to the last 4 years”.[/I] Romney never said [I]“Historically[/I] [I]these bubble induced downturns take 18 months to 2 years to cycle and we were almost out of it; Obama added 4 years of disaster to it [B]and counting[/B]”.[/I]

At no time during the “Republican War on Women” narrative did Romney say [I]“The Republican’s are not waging a war on women, the Democrat’s are hoping nobody notices that they are waging a War on Babies”.[/I] 

Conservatism was not on trial in the 2012 Election, just various nuances of the Liberal/Socialist philosophy. The Democrat’s will win that battle every time.