Election confidence

How’s 2022 feel so far? Senate seems to be 40/60 tilt D house is an R Steal? A lot of governorships are leaning towards D. You’re going to have that when you strip Roe v. Wade. Good Election because of house or more of a washout or stalemate?

I think everyone agrees that the biden presidency sucks and everyone is feeling it when they go to buy groceries or gas or watch his latest tarded statement or fall off a bike. The most dangerous-est pandemic known to man I guess killed off so many americans that the goverment decided to curb abortions to get our population back up? I guess? IDK.

Just remember the most important issues in America: #BLM #LBQTRIA #SAVE BRITNEY#ILUVUKRAINE#LETMEKILLMYKIDS. If the media can keep these at the forefront of the sheep’s thoughts don’t worry man we’ll definitely have another glorious 4 years of Biden no matter how the midterms go.

Gas is down, Ukraine is pushing Russia back, Al-Queda got hit again, We got an Infrastructure bill, a medical bill, and a ecology bill passed in one congressional term. Holding the senate, holding almost every governorship. If Biden sucks so bad why does November look bright for Democrats?

LOL what?!

“Gas has gone up 3.00 a gallon, but this week it went down 20 cents. Yay democrats!”


1 To where it’s lost about $1.00 off the $2.50-$3.00 that it went UP.
2 Because of Ukraine’s testicles, not Biden’s.
3 A year after Biden’s Saigon moment.
4 Great, let’s spend our way out of an economic crisis…
5 The fat lady hasn’t sung.

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Add the gasoline price increase, the energy taxes that are in the “Inflation Reduction Bill,” and you have legislation that will push the price at the pump back up.

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Ever notice that when there is a hurricane threat in the Gulf of Mexico,gas prices go up? That is because Big Oil has to shut down operations and clear the staff off the platforms and other endangered facilities. This is very expensive, but don’t worry.,the cost will be passed on to you in higher gas.
Notice that the hurricane season is very quiet this year? Therefore prices are going to be lower naturally. But don’t worry…the Puppet Biden will take credit for it.

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That fat lady hasn’t sung, either. I’ve heard predictions that it’s going to go back up a ways for the rest of the year due to increased driving that resulted from the prices coming down. Time will tell one way or another.