Election Results Thread


Still really early, but Kentucky and Indiana called for Romney, Vermont for Obama.

Pence easily will win the gubernatorial race in Indiana. Things looking good for Mourdoch, although the Libertarian candidate is doing well, which will probably take votes from him.

Republicans doing really well in Kentucky House races. Democratic incumbent Chandler not looking good. RonPaulForums.com member Thomas Massie seems set to become a Congressman from Kentucky’s 4th District (I included that for all you Paul-haters).


Posted it in another thread, but it’s more appropriate here:
2012 Election Results Map by State - Live Voting Updates - POLITICO.com


Mourdoch has fallen behind in Indiana…If he loses, GOP is not taking the Senate.


Not good for Romney so far. Looks like he’s going to cough up Virginia.


Virginia RESULTS 14.3% Reporting
R M. Romney 58.9% 318,962
D B. Obama (i) 39.8% 215,636


Republicans are not taking the Senate.

They’re losing 3 seats: Maine, Massachusetts, Indiana
Not going to pick up: Florida, Ohio, West Virginia
Might pickup: Virginia


[quote=“J.Anderson, post:4, topic:36957”]
Not good for Romney so far. Looks like he’s going to cough up Virginia.
[/quote]No, but possibly North Carolina.


It would be quite bizarre if Romney got VA and Obama got NC.

I think for alot of these states, it’s just too early to predict a definitive outcome. Case in point, Obama had a massive lead in South Carolina when the results were starting to trickle in, and no one believed that state would go for him (and it of course didn’t).


Linda McMahon loses in Connecticut. She spent $100 million of her own money on two senate races (2010 and 2012). So that’s another lost opportunity for a GOP pickup.


[QUOTE=Bigfoot]No, but possibly North Carolina. [/QUOTE]

It doesn’t really matter. If Romney loses Virginia, then it’s basically over.


40% of precincts reporting

M. Romney 54.4% 718,705
B. Obama (i) 44.3% 585,336

Romney is going to lose Ohio and Florida. He’s done.


If Obama wins I predict the republicans will lose the house and not take the wh again sooner than 2024 IF ever again.

Obama - '16
Castro - '24


How would Obama run in 2016?


Obama wins Michigan, that fantasy for the GOP is over.


Looks close but oh fl va appear to be breaking Obama. Pa has gone Obammy.E voteO. 147R. 149Not looking good


Virginia is going to Romney, 52-47 right now.
Romney has slight lead in Florida.

Obama running away with Ohio and Pennsylvania.


Fairfax cty will go ob and that will tilt table I am afraid.

Fl has 3 key cty that r trending blue if they do then ob may pull it


I think it’s pretty safe to say we can get used to 4 more years of Obama…


Wi goes Obama.