Elections Hacked: Or how democracy is dead


This Hacker Rigged Elections in 9 Latin American Countries | News | teleSUR English

Andres Sepulveda hacked and spied in elections in Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, and Venezuela.

A highly sophisticated Colombian hacker rigged elections across Latin America in favor of right-wing candidates for almost eight years, pulling in hefty paychecks for highly-coveted dirty work in at least nine different countries’ elections, including for Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto’s rise to power.

A Bloomberg Business article published Thursday told his story for the first time, forcing the Mexican government to deny on Friday that Peña Nieto’s campaign spied on rivals.

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Anybody remember some time ago when I posted “Hacking Democracy”? No?

So how do we know that our votes are being counted correctly? And if you don’t know, what have you got? Democracy?


…especially in view of the left-wing groups “charged” with programming and storing computer voting machines! SEIU has this responsibility in most of Nevada, for example, which explains how Harry Reid kept getting elected despite his being a proven liar.


It is a direct attack on democracy to have proprietary software on any voting machine. We have no idea what they’re doing. Voting machines must be: (1) open source, (2) checked by a third party, and (3) have paper receipts for auditing.


Considering the republicans are talking about “hacking” the election with a brokered convention this may be the first election I stay away from.


Or maybe just good ol-fashioned counting…


I find it amusing your first thought is the “left-wing” groups… when this is a very clear non-partisan issue.

That ship has sailed my friend… nearly a decade ago.


Which is one reason why we’re sinking (because we’re in the middle of an ocean with no ship)…


“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happened, you can bet it was planned that way.” - Franklin Delano Roosevelt

“It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” -Joseph Stalin

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(Note, the above is NOT REAL CODE, but code that is designed to give non-programmers an idea of how a programmer would pull this off for illustrative purposes.)


False equivocation.

A PARTY choice for a NOMINATION, is a private process. The obvious solution to a corrupt party ignoring the will of its base membership, is to reject the nominee at the polls and to join or form another party.

This is the last election the Republicans will be significant in, I suspect. HOWEVER…as it’s working out, we are going to have two nominees who BOTH believe, as do virtually all the Elites, in big, oppressive, intrusive, unchained central government. The only constitutional federalist has been slandered and marginalized by a Nixon-era professional liar.

It is no longer Dem-Versus-GOP. It is now groupthink Elites versus traditional Americans with traditional American values. And while we’re the majority, they’ve pulled a Machiavellian divide-and-conquer move here…and at a time when their model, based on their beliefs of collectivism, corporatism and financialization, are all about to implode and collapse us.


Paper receipts could help, but only if every vote was recorded inside of the tallying system with a unique ID, that could be internally checked to ensure that the internal ID matched the paper receipt ID. Just having a paper print out on our current machines wouldn’t help, as they could be programmed to print out the correct receipt, but still curve the vote total.

This idea, BTW, is an excellent candidate for a kickstarter and a state wide ballot proposition.


More video from the programmer whom was told to write the software to flip the election. A lawsuit came out of all this, and it went NOWHERE. The suit, toast. One of the government officials that was about to come out and spill the beans on this? Suicide right when he was about to testify. HOW CONVENIENT.

Aaaand, nothing has been done on any sort of large scale. We are truly… SCREWED. Think of all the voting anomalies… and that is what is being made public, and only briefly. I don’t care if I get called a conspiracy theorist nut job. I don’t think we as a nation have any voice anymore on who is elected and who isn’t.

“Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.” - Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln must be rolling in his grave… because it did in fact, perish.


I agree.


Right now it looks like Trump is cleaning up and has the most votes and it has been said Cruz has already lost the election. Now if the power brokers decide to spit in the face of all those who have gone to the trouble to vote in the primaries and select another RINO, Hillary will be guaranteed the election.

I keep reading how the government is “this” close to indicting Hillary and yet will allow her to win the presidency all will be swept under the rug. Meanwhile Sanders who has won the popular vote and lost the delegates is being pushed aside. The fix is in.

Every time Hillary speaks what she says is not reflected in her actual history.


The rules are the rules. Unless you advocate chaos; abandoning the rules for the gratification of the cultists and idolators.

Trump has gotten less than 40 percent of votes cast. That is not a sweeping majority. That calls to mind the election of Salvador Allende.

And in abandoning the rules, changing them midstream, are not the Trump cultists disenfranchising those who DO NOT support this…person?


The “1237 rules are rules” mantra will go out the window when Trump gets to 1237. New game, new rules.

“Any challenge to a state’s results will be litigated before the Standing Committee on Contests…”

“Convention Committee on Credentials to rule on what slate of delegates will be officially seated on the convention floor…”

“Delegates bound to Trump against their personal preference get a free hand in these decisions; stacking the credentials committee will be their first real chance to cast a vote undermining his path to the nomination.”

“In 1952, supporters of Dwight Eisenhower succeeded in passing what his supporters called a “fair-play amendment,” that denied any delegate from a state whose status was being disputed from voting on any of the challenges.”

“In 2012, chairman John Boehner decided to hold a voice vote instead of a roll call on pro-Romney rule changes; even though the pro-Paul supporters were clearly the loudest, Boehner reflexively ruled in Romney’s favor.”

"If the chairman so desires, the ayes can always have it, and the nays banished to the parking lot. "

Read all the gory details here: How to Steal a Nomination From Donald Trump - Bloomberg Politics

The Politburo had nothing on these scum. If they do all of this it will certainly result in a Clinton victory in a two or three way race. But that is acceptable to the import/export (note 1) big money donor class. Hillary will play ball.

note 1. import low wage workers, export high wage jobs.

PS I don’t know any Trump supporter who is a cultist or idolater; just people who see the first step in America’s recovery the smashing of the corrupt status quo. Actually the word “cultists” brings to mind some other GOP faction…


Doubt that. So far, the RNC hasn’t changed any rules in mid-process. Trump’s paranoia and agitation of hysteria is not fact.

There HAVE BEEN…IRRESPONSIBLE feelers put out TO change the rules. Don’t get me wrong - Rinse Pubis and his Cast of Idiots, are no better than Lord Trumpy and his army of cultists and flatterers. But SO FAR, nothing untoward has been done.

The threshold remains 1237. And if/when Trumpy makes that…he gets it.

And so does the party. This is going to be such a spectacular defeat…sadly, we won’t remember it for history, because the United States under Madame Rodham, will shortly collapse behind it. But mark my prediction: TRUMP WILL NOT WIN a general election.


No guarantee that Trump would win but he is expanding support outside the party and has shown that he is the only one willing hang out all of Hillary’s dirty laundry. Who is electable? Kasich might carry the Romney states plus Ohio, not even close to an electoral victory. Name one state that Romney didn’t win that you think Cruz might win? Any let’s not forget the outraged Trump supporters who will not vote GOP in November, possibly losing House and Senate seats.

Not nominating Trump is the road to disaster.


It will not help that Cruz has chosen Fiorina as his running mate. NOT. at all.


> Meanwhile Sanders who has won the popular vote and lost the delegates
Sanders has lost the popular vote by an even wider margin. He’s lost nearly all of the primaries, and closed the delegate lead by winning caucuses. Clinton is leading in the popular vote by 2.5 million votes.

The difference between the Republican and Democratic sides, is that the establishment candidate has won fairly on the Democratic side. Clinton has won more pledged delegates, and more popular votes. Very different from Ted Cruz who has lost both. If they nominate Cruz, it would be like the Democrats picking Sanders over Clinton, despite the fact that he lost both the popular vote and the delegate totals.

  1. It will help steal the 24 hour news cycle from Trump’s sweeping all five states yesterday; beating the polls and winning every county in all five.

  2. It might give him a little boost in California.

PS I heard Cruz on the radio this morning. He twists and distorts Trump’s positions in ways that would make a progressive democrat blush with shame. My dislike for Cruz is growing daily.