Elections have consequences

I’m back in Costa Rica - and I’m VERY, VERY sad for my homeland; utter humiliation that my homeland and all Americans will pay for in months and years to come.

I only have this to say:

FK Biden, and if you voted for him, FK you, too.

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Yes, the Democrats are working on becoming a total disaster. They really do want to destroy this country with a glut of illegal immigrants to keep them in power, and ridiculous spending plans that will destroy the value of the dollar. Once they put an end the practice where the dollar is viewed as “the world’s currency,” selling our debt will get much harder.

One of the “Progressives” here once said that if the money supply expansion exceeded that growth of the economy, that the monetary system would fail. Now we are there, and he’s is still a loyal supporter without even peep of protest. He’s ready to go down with the ship. The trouble is he has to take the rest of us along with him.

If you want to see want the United States will look like after the Democrats get all of their garbage passed, look at the State of California. The homeless population is huge. The taxes are confiscatory. Rolling electrical blackouts are back. And the gap between the rich and poor is widening not narrowing as the “Progressive” promise, AND the middle class, the people who pay the taxes and do the work, is fleeing or getting buried to extinction by high property values, taxes and regulations.

Forty percent of the American people are nothing but Democrat controlled zombies. They have been brainwashed by the education system, and they can’t think for themselves. All they do is ask for more from the government for nothing.

What a bunch of saps! Most of them would vote for Hitler if the Democrat Party dug him up and nominated him for President.

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Nah man, blame Biden sure, but blaming voters is a sore loser attitude, you should aim higher than that.

Remember, even the Founders thought the country was lost before the ink dried on the Constitution.

“Sorry state” has been the operating norm for centuries.

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The crisis is a lot worse now than it was in the past. During World War II and the Cold War, most of our enemies were not in this country. Sure, there were a few traitors and crack pots, but the majority of people isolated them and kept them in check.

Now our enemies are running the government, and they have 35 to 40 percent of the population who will support them no matter what they do so long as the government is giving them free stuff. Among that group, there is perhaps 20% who are hard core leftists. They want the country to fail so that they can “rebuild it.” Their trouble is, as Mitch McConnell said the other day about the Biden Administration handling of Afghanistan, “They couldn’t organize a two car funeral.”

You can scoff at this observation if you like, but rot is now within the country led by some “educated” people.

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It doesn’t give anyone an excuse to down-talk common people voting their conscience. It’s the wrong attitude, it will not convince them, it will not engage them. It’s an exercise in self-indulgence and does us no good.

Trump to many voters looked like a more mouthy, self–celebrity version of Herbert Hoover; good until the crisis hit. FDR implementing policies that invaded civil liberties, and making the Great Depression worse, didn’t help how people regarded Hoover.

Biden being the MK II version of that, minus WWII, was not going to change how people regarded Trump.

Denigrating other voters for not seeing it as you do is just useless self-satisfaction.

@Alaska_Slim, we shall agree to disagree. You refuse to understand what these people are. You cannot change their minds. They are programmed.

I have two nephews who are programmed. Their programming was solidified in college. They are self-described socialists. You cannot reason with them.

As for the 20% I mentioned, they are dangerous. A small number them are violent and very dangerous. They belong to ANTIFA.

Can you recall the conduct of Adam Schiff? If you agreed with what he did during the Trump administration, you are naive.

My read on you is that you are a libertarian. If so you should be concerned about what these people want.

A revision…

Looking at the 2020 election results, Biden got 51.6% of the popular vote. Biden might lose 10, at most 15% of those voters’ support. The rest are hard core. They will vote for ANY Democrat, no matter how bad. To be fair, there are probably 25 to 30% of voters who would always vote Republican.

But I wonder … if the Republicans were to nominate a really bad candidate, like David Duke, how many of those voters would stay with the GOP?

You’re overlooking the far simpler, more obvious answer; few Presidents survive economic downturns, and Trump was handed the mother of all economic crises, together with a process intended to make voting more accessible.

Pure antipathy for the powers at be worked against him. At the same time, everyone and their sister knows the backlash against Democrats in 2022 is going to be huge for the same reason.

Pure reactionary voting.

There will only be a backlash against the Democrats if there are fair elections.

In the meantime, if they pass the $3.5 trillion boondoggle, our economy will be severely damaged, and we won’t be able to reverse it because the Democrats will still have the White House. Harris or Pelosi or whoever is President will veto any repeal.

I can’t understand how an ENTIRE POLITICAL PARTY, most of whom are well educated can be lock step on this issue. A trillion dollars is a mind blowing amount of money.

Only if the backlash gets traction in a corrupt election system; and the Dems may go nuclear in Congress to ensure that it’s sufficiently corrupt.


They don’t have the votes yet for HR1 or to go nuclear in the Senate, but anything can happen.

All it takes is for the Democrats to get a 50 - 50 tie vote in the Senate, and Kamala will have her first chance make a difference and send us all to hell. All it will take will be a few bribes in the right places, and the Democrats will have us by the throat. (I was thinking of a lower part of the body, but this a “PG” rated sight.)

… and elimination of the filibuster. You can bet the farm that they have been trying all manner of bribes and threats against Manchin and Sinema for months, so far so good. Manchin wants to get re-elected in West Virginia and Sinema marches to her own tune; she reminds me of Senator Bill Proxmire (D-WI) years ago.