Elizabeth Warren’s law license problem


Elizabeth Warren’s law license problem
Posted by William A. Jacobson

Monday, September 24, 2012 at 7:37am

Warren represented not just Travelers, but numerous other companies starting in the late 1990s working out of and using her Harvard Law School office in Cambridge, which she listed as her office of record on briefs filed with various courts. Warren, however, never has been licensed to practice law in Massachusetts.

As detailed below, there are at least two provisions of Massachusetts law Warren may have violated. First, on a regular and continuing basis she used her Cambridge office for the practice of law without being licensed in Massachusetts. Second, in addition to operating an office for the practice of law without being licensed in Massachusetts, Warren actually practiced law in Massachusetts without being licensed.

Warren is not licensed to practice law in Massachusetts. Warren’s name does not turn up on a search of the Board of Bar Overseers attorney search website (searches just by last name or using Elizabeth Herring also do not turn up any relevant entries).

I confirmed with the Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers by telephone that Warren never has been admitted to practice in Massachusetts. I had two conversations with the person responsible for verifying attorney status. In the first conversation the person indicated she did not see any entry for Warren in the computer database, but she wanted to double check. I spoke with her again several hours later, and she indicated she had checked their files and also had spoken with another person in the office, and there was no record of Warren ever having been admitted to practice in Massachusetts.

Not only is Warren a fake Cherokee, she’s also practiced law without a license! Too funny … course, she’s a Hah-vahd professor and a D, so don’t hold your breath over the prospect of her experiencing any significant consequences for this.


“Ooooops, I forgot” probably ain’t gonna cut it with the Mass. State Bar Board of Overseers! When she loses in November…she ain’t gonna have that law practice to fall back on.


She had a license to practice in federal courts. Which is apparently the only place she ever practiced.


Ahhh…but PRACTICING law is not only what court you argue in. She had law offices in Mass…she practiced law there.


Where did she open a law office? The article says she worked in her existing** professor**'s office in Harvard.


It ceases to become a professor’s office when you do legal work for PAY there. That it is used also for other purposes (even primarily) is of no consequence.

I also note that : “Warren refused to disclose the full extent of her private law practice when asked by The Boston Globe. If Warren denies that she has practiced law in Massachusetts without a license, Warren should disclose the full extent of her private law practice. The public has a right to assess whether Warren has failed to comply with the most basic requirement imposed on others, the need to become a member of the Bar of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in order to practice law in and from Massachusetts.”

So we don’t even KNOW that her practice did not include NON federal cases. It may have…and she WILL be made to disclose this by the bar association though probably well after the election.

You might also wish to review point #3 in the OP link as to what constitutes the practice of law in Massachusetts:
" As general observations, we have noted that the practice of law involves applying legal judgment to address a client’s individualized needs … and that custom and practice may play a role in determining whether a particular activity is considered the practice of law … More specifically, we have stated:

    “[D]irecting and managing the enforcement of legal claims and the establishment of the legal rights of others, where it is necessary to form and to act upon opinions as to what those rights are and as to the legal methods which must be adopted to enforce them, the practice of giving or furnishing legal advice as to such rights and methods and the practice, as an occupation, of drafting documents by which such rights are created, modified, surrendered or secured are all aspects of the practice of law.”

I think Prof. Jacobsen has it exactly right. She WAS practicing law in the state…and doing so illegally. We’ll see who the Board agrees with down the road.


I’m always in favor of further disclosure.
You make some good points. The legality does sound questionable.


Because she is a liberal dem it won’t matter.

Just like it didn’t matter that Jerry Brown had an expired bar card when he became the Attorney General of the State of California and that was a specific requirement for the job.


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