Elizabeth Warren tells an Iowa Voter that he was a chump for playing by the rules

A couple of days ago during an open mike conversation, an Iowa father told Elizabeth Warren that he had worked and saved to help his daughter pay for college. In the mean time his neighbors had spent their money on cars and homes and didn’t have the funds left to pay for their kids education. Under Warren’s free college for everybody plan, they would get a free ride and have their loans forgiven.

The father asked Warren if he could get his tuition money back. “Of course not,” was her answer.

The message is clear. If you work hard and play by the rules, socialist politicians, like Warren and by extension Sanders who has supported the same play, disrespect people who take responsibility for their lives and their families. According to these people, the government can pay for everything, and responsible people can go pound salt.

Such is the state of the modern Socialist Democratic Party.

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Not only will this guy not “get his money back”, but he’s going to be on the hook for EVERY kid’s college tuition and fees from now on, as well under these idiots’ policies. I did pretty much the same thing for my daughter. She graduated from Oklahoma University with TWO undergrad degrees and graduated debt-free because I made enough to pay her way through in its entirety…including the cost of belonging to a sorority and living for two semesters in the sorority house itself. Now these morons Warren and Sanders want me to foot the bill for thousands of others, too. No thanks!