Embarrassing sex ed bill ready for senate vote next week


No mature adult wants to talk with other mature adults about the comprehensive sex education curriculum that is moving through the Illinois General Assembly, pushed by groups such as the ACLU and Planned Parenthood. Embarrassing or not, it’s a matter of public policy. Public policy that the public expect to discuss openly with lawmakers, since the people of Illinois will be paying for it.
http://illinoisreview.typepad.com/.a/6a00d834515c5469e2017eeaca562a970d-75wiHowever, one Oak Park mom was so concernedabout what she’d learned that children in her school district were going to be taught, she made a trip to the Capitol to share what she’d learned about the curriculum with her State Senator and neighbor Don Harmon. Harmon, coincidentally, oversees the committee through which the sex ed curriculum was to pass this week. The mom, Tammy Schulz, says Senator Harmon told her in Springfield that the committee agenda was full for the day, and since the curriculum had been previously discussed in committee in 2011, there was no need to bring it up again. The legislation passed committee along party lines, 9 Democrats voting yes and 5 Republicans voting no.
So the question was raised as to whether Mrs. Schulz’ concerns were founded, or if she’s just an old-fashioned fuddy-duddy that needs to get with times, something Republican State Representative Kay Hatcher urged the House do during her floor speech last week on HB 2675. Hatcher urged her colleagues to vote yes to explicitly teaching eye-brow raising, hands-on sex activities to Illinois’ school children.
(Mrs. Schulz’ video below the fold)

“We need to modernize the curriculum,” Hatcher said, since “It hasn’t been updated since the 1980s.” Only one other Republican - Minority Leader Tom Cross - crossed the aisle to join Democrats, Planned Parenthood and the ACLU in promoting HB 2675’s "age-appropriate" and “medically-accurate” sex information for kids in Kindergarten through Grade 12.
Some “age-appropriate” classroom projects HB 2675 includes using the “Horizons” sex ed curriculum for African-American classrooms, which includes teacher instructionsfor the “OPRaH” activity:Remember to explain the use of lubricants and little in the tip of the condom to give him pleasure). You can open a few lubricants and the participants to taste-remember some of them might not have ever used lubricants or may not know that they come in flavors. … Do the condom Vaseline demonstration…

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From the looks it what is being taught is sexual permissiveness and how to go about it rather than how to deal properly with sexual issues and the prevention of engaging in it and the consequences.

This is for children from the age of 10 on up.


Any sex education for children in kindergarten and the early grades is inappropriate. Any sex education in the public schools is inappropriate.


By all means kids should be taught this! Do you really think ignorance is a proper form of education?

Keep in mind that abstinence is a religious idea, it has no place being taught in public schools. Abstinence, along with the rest of religion, is your right to teach your children privately. Why does scientific understanding of what sex is, why people do it and how to do it safely prevent your children from following your traditions? They have a right to know, ignorance will not protect them.

If kids are going to experiment, they’re going to experiment, and when they do they better be prepared to do it safely. The kids that find themselves experimenting blindly are the ones that are likely to find themselves in trouble. Abstinence is not a form of safe sex, and should have no part in proper sex education (that’s like teaching that one should just avoid sharp things in the road that might give them a flat tire and calling it “how to change a tire”).

Rather, like this program, teach kids (10+ is a good age): “this is sexuality, this is how people do it, and this is why. We don’t condone that you do it, but if you did make sure to do it carefully.”

This same reasoning extends to drug education of all forms.

Fortunately, with the advent of the internet, kids are only a google search away from finding out the truth, no matter how hard you try to keep them ignorant.


“Truth?” There’s a lot of GARBAGE on the internet. I believe sex education should be left to the parents. Institutionalized sex education of juveniles has more than occasionally turned in to nothing short of the corruption of the morals of a minor. In that example you gave of “this is sexuality, this is how people do it, and this is why; we don’t condone that you do it, but if you did make sure to do it carefully,” the part of “we don’t condone that you do it” will often be accompanied by a sly wink. It’s happened before.


Sex education should be taught either in 8th grade or in high school. No earlier then 8th grade.


Science is for school, and morality is for the Home. Teach the science of procreation, in Jr. High, and leave it to the parents to teach morality.


This mother is an idiot. Does she honestly think that by going to Springfield and voicing her concerns that will change the cancer that passes for public education?? If she is so concerned about her child/ren and what is being passed as education and particularly with the propaganda sex “education” then the only solution is to remove her child/ren from the public school cesspool. Anyone who thinks that protesting these kinds of things in government-run marxist-atheist schools is going to change anything, they are sorely mistaken. I have no patience with parents like this. Public education has been in the crapper since the 60’s and yet these people seem to think that by confronting the issues to lawmakers is going to change the tide. The tide cannot be changed because it has become an enormous tsunami…