Emergency Connection To A Mod

We had to deal with one of the biggest attacks against this forum and there was no way to contact a mod to get rid of the problem!

NO, I didn’t snitch and had no intention of doing so!

I just kept looking at the mod board/page and saw that none of the mods were around … Not for an entire day!
(I was looking to see if any of the mods were seeing what the rest of us were seeing and WHY they were allowing the cr@p to continue)

I had serious threads that were being destroyed and one of our members was being attacked mercilessly!

Where are the mods when you really need them?


Actually, I was on both morning and late afternoon/early evening yesterday and day before. I had some doubts the day before with all the videos he was posting, but I didn’t discover the real crap until yesterday morning. Not sure what would be a feasible way to make it faster.

The best thing is to put trolls on ignore and not respond to their baiting, it only encourages them.

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Sometimes we’re all not around. It happens. Usually, all of us are around most days. All of us have been communicating today, for example. But there are certain days I am frequently not, and with my current workload, I was around even less than usual. I will disappear almost completely for three days in the near future, and I will let the other moderators know when that is going to start. We actually have a better network among ourselves now outside the site. Perhaps we can communicate better among ourselves so we can figure something out if we’re all mostly going to be away all day.

I gotta add, you’re lucky you didn’t see the trollstorm that led to a number of changes that make life more difficult for new members. That was actually the worst attack this site has had. Can’t remember the year though. Was a busy, stupid night.

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Mom said it was 2008 (a few days before Christmas). It was more than one day, though; it was two or three.

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Check out your “Trolls before Christmas” poem. Not sure, but I think it has the date. Of course, the date it was published here was after the fact, so it may have been 2009.

Nope, just checked it out, it doesn’t indicate the date, but I know that somewhere on this site it is mentioned - more than once. Anyway, it was a bunch of trolls posting porn, and the mods had no power to stop registrations, and TO was out of town. They were banning and cleaning up after the trolls as fast as they could, but it was an overwhelming job. And I think it was only two days - more than too much, though! We’d had a “mild” warning - that apparently wasn’t recognized as a warning - a few days before - remember “Anonymous Delivers”? He was apparently checking out the vulnerability of the site, and stuck around long enough to find that TO was going to be out of the picture for a few days.

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There is a feature by which RO members can notify RO Mods of a problem by email without even knowing our email addies. Just put an @ symbol before our forum name and we will be notified by email. For example, this, [MENTION=11555]sillipuddi[/MENTION] should send sillipuddi an email. WIJG got that set up and announced it about a year ago.

I believe when you do a search, and a page comes up saying the site does not respond, also gives you the function to e-mail the site. I sort of remember seeing that.

I didn’t see it. But if the site is down, how can it receive an email?

And you certainly can’t send a message the way Pete mentioned if the site is down. But in case of severe trollery, of course you can.

I think an e-mail goes to whoever the site is registered to, like through the internet provider, the company that is hosting it.