Emergency measures imposed as border surge surprises, overwhelms immigration official


The surge of illegal immigrant children continued unabated in November, pushing the Obama administration to announce emergency measures to try to handle a problem it thought it had solved earlier this year.
Two months into the new fiscal year, the number of unaccompanied minors jumping the border and getting caught is at an all-time high. So far, the U.S. Border Patrol has picked up over 10,500 — more than twice the number at the same point last year.

The number of families trying to cross also has surged, with more than 12,500 people caught — a 173 percent increase over last year. The family surge underscored the changing nature of the flow of migrants, with parents increasingly risking the journey with young children in tow, hoping to take advantage of what they believe are lenient deportation policies under President Obama.

Border children surge overwhelms immigration officials; emergency measures imposed - Washington Times

This nation is under attack with not only terrorists but those who want to come in and change america for the worse. obama’s promise of free goodies and support while more natural born americans are swept to the back of the bus is only the prelude to a major makeover of this country destroying it just as the roman empire was destroyed by hordes of invaders which changed the whole dynamic of the region.

We have ISIS and fifth columnists already in this nation and it is a matter of time before they start the suicide bombings and other atrocities they are well known for. obama wants to exacerbate the situation by bringing in many more without any actual vetting.

Then we have the others crossing the border establishing enclaves which ignore american values and traditions and want to replace it with those of the country they “fled” from.

To pay for all this obama wants even more money to hand out freely as the economy sinks. obama pushes the phony global warming mantra which is nothing but a con game played on a large scale to generate money as well as force implementation of alternate energy which is a failure in most part and costs more to run.

Trump has been leading in the polls for the simple reason most americans are fed up with what they see with the federal government as well as other governments that are following suit.

Trump has been talking about closing the border as well as deportations and stopping the influx of muslims until they can be properly vetted. Trump also wants to shut down activity on the internet in which muslims openly spew their hate and make plans.

I see in france the authorities decided to raid mosques and to their surprise they found caches of weapons and propaganda filled with hate, perhaps we need to do the same here as well as shut down CAIR which has been labeled a terrorist organization but our government still consuls.


One thing is certain, if we judge our forefather’s thinking during our nation’s birth, and particularly so with regard to a President using his office of public trust to flood the country with the poverty stricken, poorly educated, low skilled and destitute populations of other countries, Obama’s current and authoritarian immigration policy would certainly have been considered an impeachable offense and Congress would have immediately responded in order to preserve and protect our Constitution and the general welfare of the United States.

Let us recall what Representative BURKE says during our Nations` first debate on a RULE OF NATURALIZATION, FEB. 3RD, 1790

**Mr. BURKE *thought it of importance to fill the country with useful men, such as farmers, mechanics, and manufacturers, and, therefore, would hold out every encouragement to them to emigrate to America. This class he would receive on liberal terms; and he was satisfied there would be room enough for them, and for their posterity, for five hundred years to come. There was another class of men, whom he did not think useful, and he did not care what impediments were thrown in their way; such as your European merchants, and factors of merchants, who come with a view of remaining so long as will enable them to acquire a fortune, and then they will leave the country, and carry off all their property with them. These people injure us more than they do us good, and, except in this last sentiment, I can compare them to nothing but leeches. They stick to us until they get their fill of our best blood, and then they fall off and leave us. I look upon the privilege of an American citizen to be an honorable one, and it ought not to be thrown away upon such people. There is another class also that I would interdict, that is, the convicts and criminals which they pour out of British jails. I wish sincerely some mode could be adopted to prevent the importation of such; but that, perhaps, is not in our power; the introduction of them ought to be considered as a high misdemeanor. ***

So, as it turns out, allowing the kind of foreigners who Obama is flooding our country with should be considered as a “high misdemeanor” which happens to be an impeachable offense!

The question is, why is Paul Ryan in bed with Obama on immigration policy?


The surest way for Obama to accomplish his fundamental transformation of America is to flood America with the poverty stricken and destitute populations of other countries.