Empty Embrace… Hurricane Sandy Victim Upset After Being Played By Obama (Video)


Obama used her as a photo-op and promised to get her assistance after her business was wiped out by Hurricane Sandy. But it was all a show.

I would think that many of the victims of Sandy would realize by now that Obama does not care about them. Meanwhile any news coming out of those who are still suffering draws little interest from the media.

From what I have read FEMA has come in and occupied the better hotels and does little. Outside charities are forbidden from coming in and the local government is telling people to use their own resources to clean up.

However in the long run these lemming will undoubtedly still vote democrat in the next election.


Where’s the outrage 24/7 on the the news like during Katrina and Rita? FEMA reacted faster there than they did in the NE after this hurricane.

According to the MSM, the hurricanes Katrina and Rita themselves were all Bush’s fault. Obama makes a photo op with empty promises and all is good.


Has there been any follow up to this story? Seems to have fallen off of the radar. I saw the coverage of the town hall meeting where people were talking about the incompetence of FEMA.

I will inquire of my east coast ham radio associates what they think of the FEMA response. The hams usually dive in and help with restoring communications. They work in conjunction with FEMA but sometimes FEMA doesn’t like their association with the hams. The hams are usually effective and cost little to nothing compared to the rest of the “help” that FEMA provides.


The election is over! Did these fools really expect significant aid from the Feds when Obama was focused on getting reelected and, afterward, his family Christmas Vay-Cay and Inaugural Par-Tay?! They’re lucky if the EPA and Army Corp of Engineers don’t obstruct their rebuilding! And as for FEMA, well, they’re probably a bit more helpful than the local A-Q cell. As for the MSM, well: no R President to bash; a D President to protect; ergo Hurricane Sandy is a non-story.


The people who believe everything Obama says are naive, and will expect the same later, in spite of the lack of follow-up. They are blind followers.


There was a story the other day of some fellow who was in his 90’s ordered to clean up his home and dispose of the garbage on his own with no assistance from the township for garbage collection. People are being told they are on their own and they have to rent dumpsters and get everything done. Meanwhile I am sure the government is still demanding taxes to be paid. I also read that aid to these places were being denied because of bureaucracy and the sense the disaster was not “bad” enough.

NY mayor seeks more disaster aid for Sandy victims - Hometownstations.com-WLIO- Lima, OH News Weather Sports

No sense of urgency but hey lets give $6 billion for green projects to Muslim countries


Under the Democrats FEMA is a Political Party tool, emergencies such as hurricanes and such are an inconvenience.



Seriously. You can describe the entire Obama election and re-election this way. Yet people pounded on me when I said Obama looking up at the stars after Neil Armstrong’s death was only a photo-op… Maybe he was wondering why he defunded NASA as the picture was shot.

Though I have heard all the people I know that were affected did receive some type of FEMA aid. It all depends on what area you live in and if your property was actually your home and not just your vacation home. FEMA doesn’t cover that…