Empty suit Senator, Bill Nelson, is using a 100 year old slogan


Incumbent senator, Bill Nelson, is using the slogan, “A public office is a public trust,” in his ads here in Florida. The Republicans are responding that Nelson is just an empty suit that votes with his party 87% of the time. This is quite true, Chuck Schumer has a button in his office that controls a chip he had in put into what’s left of Bill Nelson’s brain. All he has to do is push it, and Chuck gets one more vote for his obstruction campaign.

Getting back to “A public office is a public trust,” Grover Cleveland came up with that phrase at least by 1888 if not before. Since Nelson is 76 years old, perhaps he remembers hearing it in school. Back then public schools were teaching U.S. history to the students, unlike now.

Here is an 1888 Democratic campaign piece that was issued during Cleveland’s second presidential campaign. He lost New York State by whisker and with it the presidency to Benjamin Harrison despite the fact that Cleveland won the popular vote. This piece is made of leather, which is highly unusual. It is quite rare.