Enchiladas El Mouse-o EN EL HOUSE-O

Rat & Mice Recipes For Hard Times? AKA Obama times.
RECIPE FOR “Enchiladas El Mouse-o EN EL HOUSE-O”

6 corn tortillas 6 mice parboiled, stripped, boned, chopped, seasoned. 2-3 large red dried chiles soaked in water 5 min. l choped green onion, cilantro for decorating. oil/onions. salt pepper to taste,

Make regular enchilada sauce by grinding the soaked chiles in the pot liquor, and straining well to separate the chile skin from the chile’s red meat. Then, fry onions, throw sauce in for l minute. Set aside.

Heat tortillas on a greased skillet, drop into sauce until covered, pull out, then fill the sopping wet tortilla with about 2 tbsps. mouseburger, roll. Set rolls in a dish, line all six up. Pour remaining sauce on top. Decorate with any old cheese, l chopped green onion. Bake l5 min at 350.


Not every shepherd can dice a lamb every time his belly rumbles. So many have learned to make do with DICED FIELD MICE.

Take 4 potatoes, boil, mash, season, add cream, mash some more, line 8" pieshell with them.

Boil six medium sized mice. Rats are ok if you know what they’ve been eating. No Buick upholstery or graveyards.

If the rodents are the right size, you should have a cup of rat meat (depending if you’ve cleaned the carcasses well enough.) Season with salt, pepper, cayenne, add l cup blanched, chopped almonds, l cup cracker crumbs, l egg, (reserve l tsp for topping) making a burger. OPTIONAL: bell pepper, onions, cilantro, parsley, thyme, oregano, l can creamed corn, l can of those crunchy chinese things, water chestnuts, chopped olives, a dash of catsup or tomato sauce.

Fill the pie. Cover with more potatoes. Use egg/cream to wipe down pie so it toasts brownish in oven.

Remember, a rabbit is just a big rodent. The taste of the flesh is identical. Ask any concentration camp visitor.

TIP: when cooking rodents, pre-soaking up to 5 hours helps take away that pesky rodent flavor. AND the longer you cook it, with the other ingredients, the better the meat tastes.