Encouraging signs




Pelosi did manage to spend the night in a hotel for $10,000 over night at tax payer expense

Pelosi: $10,000 per night Hawaii vacation, courtesy of us | For What It’s Worth


That is a beautiful sight my friend!


These people are crooks. How dare them vacation at our expense up to the last minute. They don’t deserve pay. It should be an HONOR to serve this country as a representative or a senator. Matter of fact, the Speaker of the House ought to pay US.


I can’t help but be less than encouraged. Okay, yes repealing healthcare reform is high priority, but higher priority is the economy and as much as this seems to be a slow recovery, the price of oil is where it was when it triggered the economic turmoil as it is. The automotive segment collapsed because of the last spike in oil prices. If there isn’t a response, it will be a leading indicator again of what is soon to come. Lift the drill bans now, show the world that supply exists and we’re going to use it if they’re going to let the price go up.


Drilling is not enough. We must build 100 nuclear plants, convert autos to run on CNG, harvest the Gas, and open ANWR to drilling, if we ever expect to be energy independent. However, drilling actively will scare OPEC into lowering the price.


We also need more refineries. I propose using military bases that were closed during the Clinton Admin that are still under-utilized.


The health care issue is part of the economic issue, and needs to be nipped in the bud.


Agreed, except that Obama & Co. plan to keep implementing it until such time; and chances of it actually being repealed are mighty slim.
So, my question is, are the people who are being forced to contribute to that scam in the meantime ever going to get their money back should Obamacare ever BE repealed?


So, so true. The refineries will need to be operational as we harvest the oil. This would solve many problems. It would create thousands and maybe millions of jobs. It would lower the deficit, and budget. Energy prices could go way down, and still support the corporations concerned. We would be able to thumb our noses at the Saudis and others. Plus,we may also sell enough to help pay off some Chinese Debt, or at least hold it over their heads when supplies become scarce.


They need to attempt the repeal, anyway. Obama will be forced to Veto it publicly, in front of the whole nation. Then, once a conservative is in the White House, repeal will come.


Attempt the repeal, yes. They’d be nuts not to; they know their very existence in D.C. depends on it.

Obama will be forced to Veto it publicly, in front of the whole nation. Then, once a conservative is in the White House, repeal will come.

Huh? How can he veto what he already signed into law? :confused:


The repeal has to come across his desk to be signed. If he signs the repeal, Obama care is History. If not,the Senate and House must overturn with a 2/3 vote, which won’t get by the Senate, thus making the Libs “the bad guy”.
From Politics Daily:
While this sets up a confrontation with President Obama over the landmark legislation, the move is seen as largely symbolic, as the repeal effort is not expected to succeed. While Democrats lost their majority in the House, they retained it in the Senate, where a repeal is highly unlikely. In addition, Obama can simply veto the legislation, and Republicans are a long way off from the majorities they would need to override the president.