End of an era, again: Genova closes Oakland ravioli factory


End of an era, again: Genova closes Oakland ravioli factory
PUBLISHED: April 19, 2017 at 1:06 pm | UPDATED: April 21, 2017 at 6:29 am

A year after closing their Temescal deli, the owners of Genova announced this week they are shutting down their ravioli factory on upper Broadway. The quiet exit ends a 90-year run in Oakland.

Four generations of the family had worked in the factory and in the deli since the businesses opened on Telegraph Avenue in 1926, when Temescal was an Italian enclave. But after vandalism during protests and rising rents, the family decided to close the deli in April 2016.

It appears vandalism also played a role in closing the factory, which was relocated to Broadway across the street from Oakland Technical High School after the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake.

Patti DeVincenzi said one bill to fix the factory’s windows cost $15,000.

“We had planned to open a ravioli direct to customer operation from our factory … but with so much vandalism and graffiti we just couldn’t take it anymore,” she said in an email. “Recently, I was out scraping graffiti from the windows and was threatened from a group of youths from across the street that ‘tomorrow there will be more.’ And worse. And to be sure it was done, (they) actually etched into the windows.”

Well, if you want a snapshot explanation of why businesses leave inner cities, here is an apt one. And if you want a similar snapshot of the consequences of, “Don’t sweat the small stuff,” policing, here’s an example of one kind of consequence. Sadly, all the prog activists are likely to see in this - if they deign to see anything at all - is white-flight.


One of my customers closed their store in Oakland (on McArthur) because the managers kept quitting after being threatened at gunpoint, Oakland is like Beirut or Detroit; a perfect example of what happens when violent Leftists are in charge for the long haul.


“Every Muslim attack in Europe and America can be laid at the door of tolerance.” Daniel Greenfield.

The same can be said in the inner cities across much of America. When LEO stands down and allows the inner cities to burn to the ground it turns into a no man’s land or what us Army folks call, the DMZ. The result is an emboldening of the folks who live there and the laws are there laws to be enforced by them for them.

But who is to blame? The Feds and the States who have created these plantations of hate.

The only way out is to change the dynamic and tear down the inner cities and for those who live there, who generally live off govt benefits. As long as they depend upon govt benefits they will almost NEVER rise above or leave the inner cities.

The solution is payments in kind. Convert all benefits into biweekly payments that go to a bank and are linked to a card that simply will not let them spend more than what is in the acct. This will raise their level of independence, give them the freedom of choice and allow them to leave the inner city and live where they chose.

The argument is and has always been that they will spend the money on drugs and booze etc. Fine, then that is THEIR choice to make in life. We can mitigate this by classes in life management, don’t attend the you don’t get a deposit this month. Spend it all on drugs, fine, then that is your problem, but we do offer assistance.

They are where they are because of bad choices in life, lack of any education that enables them to perform even at the lowest of levels of integration into society by holding a job or anything else.

How many TRILLION$ spent since the formal establishment of the welfare classes by LBJ in '64 and the result is more and more live in poverty than ever before…

That said, the Dims have more and more voters than ever before and maybe that was the GOAL!


Of COURSE that was the goal. LBJ is well-known to have said, upon signing the enabling legislation for the “War on Poverty”, “That’ll keep the ni&&ers voting Democratic for the next 100 years!”


Um, 200 years.