English Muslim Imam Denounces and Berrates the London Attackers


Awesome video that shows a Muslim imam get fired up about how stupid the radicalists are in their ideals.

[An Interviewer Asked A Muslim Leader About The Murder Of A British Soldier. Here’s How He Answered.](http://www.upworthy.com/an-interviewer-asked-a-muslim-leader-about-the-murder-of-a-british-soldier-heres-how-he-answered?c=ufb1

I) also encourage you all to watch the HBO Series Vice season 1 episode 1 and specifically during the part of the episode where they interview a Muslim family that has had many members killed by a suicide bomber. You can see how much the average Muslim citizen hates the radicals and denounces their interpretation of the Koran.


They will all pay dearly for such a position but it must be done.




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About the MSM? That clip is from Sky News.


Which is a sister company to FOX News and one of the few that will report such things. Therefore, they aren’t the MSM.

The MSM avoids reporting such things because, when Muslims do speak out in such a way, they lay the blame squarely where it belongs, with the terrorists themselves. Since they don’t blame President Bush or the US in general, the MSM is not interested in reporting it.