Entire ecosystems are collapsing! How DARE you!


I can’t believe nobody’s commented on Greta Thunberg’s Impassioned Speech before the UN yet. At first you’ll be tempted to believe she really is angry and she’s been abused. But on close examination (I’ve watched this a bunch of times on various channels) I think she’s just an excellent actress.

She actually has an IMDB page with 17 credits. I’m eager to see here in a movie. She’s an adorable little girl. I think she maybe better than Dakota Fanning was.

Oh, and here’s a new word for you: pedophrast
It’s a person who uses children to prop up their argument. It’s not in Miriam-Webster yet, but it’s in use on the 'net.


I’ll bet she can’t name a SINGLE “ecosystem” that’s “collapsing” due to “climate change.”


I saw an article about her in the USA Today puppy puddle catcher yesterday. She should have stopped pontificating after she said, “I should be in school …”


poor little brainwashed kid. She’ll make a good environazi.


She was over the top at the UN.


I’d be willing to bet she’s being well paid for letting in the soap suds. I mean, shoot, if it pays well enough, I’ll spout whatever garbage they eant…


She has programmed at least since kindergarten. We have many of them here in the U.S. If her parents are “progressive,” since birth.