Entire Room Of Tea Party House Members Agrees With Rand Paul On Immigration


Entire Room Of Tea Party House Members Agrees With Rand Paul On Immigration | TPMDC

For those unfamilar with the group, it is a monthly meeting called “Conversations with Conservatives”, and it is comprised of the most right-wing members of the House of Representatives.

The article actually got something wrong, Rand did NOT propose a new path to citizenship. Is it technically amnesty? Yes, but amnesty is guaranteed. The question is what will the amnesty constitute. It is not a blanket policy.

Dependent on the securing on the border, work visas will be issued periodically to begin to assimilate illegals towards legal status. There are mechanisms to make sure the issuing of visas will coinicide with border enforcement. Legal status is not citizenship in this case.

Next, once they have their visa they have to apply at the end of the citizenship line just as those outside the country would have to. They do not get to jump ahead of those who have applied before them. There are special incentives however for the geniuses and entreprenuers, which we already do for foreigners.

How does this plan contrast with Marco Rubio and the Gang of 8?

Their plan is to establish legality first, THEN secure the border. Notice Rand has that in opposite order.

Next their plan would offer a new path to citizenship specifically for the illegals. It would also increase big government and institute e-verify, which is essentially a “papers please?” system, which is blatantly unconstitutional.

In conclusion, despite misleading media reports, this is actually the conservative alternative to the Rubio/Gang of 8 Plan.