Enviro-Friendly Cremations



  1. Freeze dried and smashed to bits.

(SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE…now in convenient freeze dried packets.)

  1. Chemically ‘heated’ to a green-brown goo.

In WaterWorld flavor or try our new Soylent Green Smoothie.


When you think about it, all ways of disposing of bodies are pretty darn disturbing. But I never liked cremation…the idea of breathing in a loved one freaks me out. O_O


Alistair Begg discussed that on one of his programs once, and the things he said would turn all but the most hard-skinned against cremation.


I’m fairly indifferent toward cremation. However, since my wife is absolutely against it, that sets the tone for any decisions of that kind.


I plan on being buried in our family lot. So cremation is out of the question.


I frankly don’t want to go.


We all to die in the end.


How is there any way for cremating to be unfriendly to the environment?


Why don’t they just do what the Buddhists do. Put the dead out on a mountain top and let the birds come get them.


My mom likes the idea of cremation, but it’s banned in Judaism, so she can’t. Personally I think I just want to be buried. Without a coffin. Only I feel like it would be pretty cowardly of me to be against the process of decomposition when I spend so much time gushing about the wonder of nutrient cycling…and I have to admit I find it pretty comforting to think that when I’m dead both my matter and energy will go into creating and sustaining new beings. =)


While I’d prefer to be buried, you have to admit that the modern version of it is somewhat creepy; rows of decaying corpses in pine boxes exactly six feet in the ground. Not saying in any way, just that if you take away its built up symbolic meaning, it’s pretty weird.


The pine box won’t last forever. The enbalming process would slow down the decay alot, though.


Thr reason that my wife has issues with cremation is that, within her religion, it is believed that the soul still has some sort of attachment to the body. If the bodyis burned or destroyed too quickly after death, the soul cannot properly move on to the afterlife.

She was very upset that my mother was cremated 2 days after death. Her last couple of weeks while suffering from leukemia were in agony. Her brother, who is a teacher within her religion, told her that the prolonged suffering was also a process where the soul was separating from the body which made the quick cremation less likely to have harmed the process of the soul getting to move on. It made her feel much better about it.


Im gonna be buried in a titanium coffin. Lets see those worms and other critters get me now!!!


I don’t like the idea of cremation myself, but when I’m gone, it won’t matter to me! Or, perhaps, I (and many of us here) will be among those fortunate ones who will “be caught up to meet the Lord in the air (with those who have already died)” and miss the actual process of death.


I’d rather not be embalmed, either. =/


Suds how about we just shot your body into space!


I saw a bit of a Jewish preparation of a body for burial on TV once. The body was a woman, and the two people preparing it were women. It seemed to me, as I said to another friend who was watching it at the same time, that it was a very intimate procedure. We were in someone else’s home, I doubt that I would ever have opted to see it otherwise, but it was very interesting. The body was completely wrapped.


Let’s just vacuum-pack you. :biggrin:


O_O I don’t know anything about that, to be honest.