EPA admits never studying effects of ethanol as required by law


The Obama administration has failed to study as legally required the impact of requiring ethanol in gasoline and ensuring that new regulations intended to address one problem do not actually make other problems worse, the Environmental Protection Agency inspector general said Thursday.
The conclusion in the new audit confirmed findings of an Associated Press investigation in November 2013. The AP said the administration never conducted studies to determine whether air and water quality benefits from adding corn-based ethanol to gasoline. Such reports to Congress were required every three years under the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.

EPA admits never studying effects of ethanol as required by law « Hot Air

Hasn’t this happened before with the EPA? They go ahead and do things outside of the law while ignoring scientific verification which ends up doing more harm than good.


Yes its happened before and in fact is COMMON across the govt! WHY?

To understand WHY you have to ask the question: What are the ramifications? Answer is, there are none, no one goes to jail, loses their job or anything else. However there is a positive note (if you can call it that) as this lays the foundation for HIRING MORE people to do the meet requirements…the reason why we broke the law was because we did not have enough staffing to comply with the law requirements!

SOP inside the govt…


So, reports of studies were required in 2010, 2013, and 2016. What are the Las Vegas odds that the EPA violated the law twice, and are almost 2/3 of the way into a third law violation?


More harm than good should be the democrats motto.


The EPA is a political department, not an environmental department of the Federal Government.


They are all political depts, they are run by Presidential appointees who are owed pay back for a favor rather than any level of competence or knowledge.