EPA after rural areas in Arizona


The source for this information is . . . ME!

There ARE some EPA regulations, announcements, and correspondence, and also some ADEQ (“Arizona Department of Environmental Quality”) documents that can be checked to verify my story, but I haven’t linked to them. If anyone doubts the story, it can be easily checked. I’m just too lazy right now.

The EPA wants to scrap the State Implementation Plan (SIP) and run their Federal Implementation Plan (FIP) here in Arizona. (Sorry, this post is full of Alphabet Soup.)

Incidentally, the ADEQ has objected to the intrusion on their SIP. The Arizona Attorney General has filed an appeal in the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on behalf of the ADEQ, challenging the EPA’s plan.

Here’s the part that really frosts me, and if the EPA gets their way, my electric rates will go up.

The issue is NOT a health based standard, but rather an EPA cosmetic standard for . . . get this . . . HAZE REDUCTION. This standard cannot be met unless certain RURAL power stations retrofit with expensive Selective Catalytic Reduction technology (SCR).

Under the State Implementation Plan, haze reduction applies only to national parks and wilderness areas. Power stations in urban areas, like Phoenix, have a much larger customer base with which to distribute the cost of EPA required SCR technology. Rural plants, on the other hand, have a much smaller customer base. One of the plants required to retrofit with SCR to come into compliance with the EPA’s FIP is a supplier of electricity for MY local electric cooperative.

And here’s the icing on the cake. Studies performed by Arizona regulators revealed that the SCR technology the EPA plan mandates for rural stations would result in NO discernible visibility improvement!

Arizona is full of RURAL areas, and I do indeed live in one. In fact, there is a town in Arizona named . . . “Nowhere”.
It is midway between Phoenix and here. Phoenix is 4 hours drive south of me. I have driven through Nowhere, Arizona, population 50, on my way to Phoenix a few times. There is a post office in Nowhere and a convenience store . . . that’s it. Blink, and you miss it. The post office also doubles as a community center and a place for the old timers to gather and drink adult beverages.

Nowhere could have been the set for the film “Bad Day at Black Rock” with Spencer Tracy. If you’re familiar with the film, you can get an idea of what Arizona’s rural areas look like. Where I live, more than two cars in front of you is a traffic jam.

Anyway, RET I think it was, wrote a post not too long ago about liberals going after rural areas so that they could herd conservatives into urban areas and force us to rely on government largess for three squares and a tight roof.

When I first read that post, I wrote it off as a paranoid Conspiracy Theory. Now, I’m living it and am not so sure anymore that RET’s post was just speculation. It’s real to me.

I haven’t yet concluded it’s an organized BHO plan, but I’m getting closer to that conclusion every day now.

Right now we pay about 5 cents/KWh. If the Arizona AG fails on the appeal, then the Apache Generating Station, which wheels power to my local electric cooperative, will have to invest over $200 MILLION to comply with the EPA’s ruling. Not only will my rates go sky high, but the Power Purchase Adjustment fee for my cooperative will also sky rocket.

Three times in recent years, the Apache Generating Station has had to spend over $8 MILLION to install upgraded emission controls to meet ever more stringent EPA requirements for the control of nitrogen oxide, the “source” of regional haze.

This $200 MILLION straw will now break the camels back.

If there’s ever a movement to throw the EPA bums out, I’ll be right up front.


I was not speculating, I have been in front of this gun for years and had my vocation rendered a crime or no longer viable 5 separate times since 1984. That is 5 times having to start over from scratch, 4 of them with 3 children to feed and house.

I have the same “compassion” for Liberals today that they had for me and countless others as they destroyed our livelihoods with pointless, junk science excuses like you are describing here, absolutely none.

Although the post you are referring to was about why cities vote Liberal (I think) I have made the “create dependency and you create Democrat voters” argument often.