EPA “won’t go down without a fight” if GOP wins in November


So how does Gina McCarthy, administrator of the agency on the receiving end of universal Republican animosity, repond? Not so fast.
McCarthy said her regulations are “grounded in the law.”
“The one thing I know more than any other agency is EPA’s rules get scrutinized like no other,” the administrator said this week, as reported by The Washington Examiner. “They would have to go to that same level of scrutiny by any president should there be a reverse in direction.”
To follow through on their promises to undo virtually every regulation the EPA has issued in the last seven years would require a drawn out legal battle, she said. You would need a clear record to establish that or you will be working through the court system for a very long time,” McCarthy said. The EPA’s Clean Power Plan hangs in the balance at the Supreme Court.

Gina McCarthy promises EPA “won’t go down without a fight” if GOP wins in November « Hot Air

The EPA has been overstepping its bounds for a long time and just as we should do with several alphabet agencies it should be reigned in and its top management brought to justice for their willingness to subject americans to unreasonable requirements and rules based not on science but politics.


> EPA “won’t go down without a fight” if GOP wins in November

Good. Let the agency be bludgeoned into oblivion.


The E.P.A. has no power to pass and enact Laws, the fact that we tolerate such oppression does not change the fact that only Congress can pass Laws.


I think the argument basically boils down to:
Even if a Republican president tried to do away with the EPA, it would take longer than 4 years through court battles, at which point, we’d have a new president and the Democrat would cease trying to shut it down.


THe EPA is already embroiled in several court cases for their overstepping their bounds and demanding rules that will heap tons of unwarranted costs onto states and consumers. The EPA is also being attacked for their blatant disregard for environmental disasters they created such as the river that now flows yellow. The point is the EPA has shown it does not show any real judgement nor willingness to do actual scientific examination before they throw down more rules that have no basis in fact.

Thus the current push to enact draconian measures for “global warming” with no scientific proof other than mickied up statistics that do not reflect actual measurements.

One thing which is ironic is the push for better gas mileage and the realization that governments are now wanting more taxes to cover the loss revenue from having cars that use gas more efficiently.


Doesn’t the EPA, like other bureaucracies, belong to the executive branch and answer to the president? Is the EPA going to sue the president?


Not to mention the fact that they have an annual budget, leave them out of the next budget and see how long they keep showing up for work.