Equifax Data Breach


This is BIG. Half of the population.


I feel that Equifax should be responsible in damages to its victims. While I am generally pro-business people must have confidence in their integrity, particularly a major corporation. And it may well force them into bankruptcy. An object lesson to careless companies.


If you use their service to check (and take their 1-year free credit history service), you’re agreeing to not hold them liable.


Ok folks lets get this on the table:

EqFa gathers my PERSONAL info and data to include my most private financial info WITHOUT my permission.

They use my personal and Private info to FABRICATE a credit report.

In my report they said:

  1. “Total of all balances on bankcard or revolving accounts is too high”. REALLY, I pay them off every month on time, 100% and have for over 30 years!

  2. “The date that you opened your oldest account is too recent” REALLY I have had it with the same bank for at least 30 years if not longer and have been with that same bank, same acct number since 1978…and 100% of all my financial business has been with the same bank since that data. Yea WHO NEW? I have no Dept store accts, nothing outside of my bankcard.

Then they go on to tell me that my Financial score is in the top 20% of all scores…confused???

  1. So I get my hands on the full report, slight difference in my income, my income for tax purposes is about $40k higher than what they show and has been for the past 6+ years…where the hell do they get the data?

Bottom line: Where I POTUS. I would SHUT THEM DOWN today, close your doors you are out of business. If you hose of cards is so flaky that you cannot protect over 150 million people then you do not belong in business.


Then it’s a good thing you’re not; markets should punish bad actors; and if Government mediation is necessary to adjudicate violations of a contract, that is best left judges, not the executive.

POTUS is too conflated with economics as it is; this isn’t something we should encourage.


While I fully agree markets should punish the reality is that is not always the case. GOVT has a role and that role is to insure competition and that no company gets to big to fail. Well 'tween Bush and Obama they spent $11 TRILLION keeping companies afloat that had got to big to fail and where are we at today as a result? $11T in the hole and 11 years of a bad economy, more people out of the work force than at anytime in our history and I could go on, all because the GOVT FAILED to do its job.

Few of you on the forum have more of a disdain for the govt than I do, but they have role to play and if they don’t play it then nothing but catastrophic results. You do remember what they called Teddy Roosevelt don’t you? “Trust Buster”


Only if Government regulation was making that the reality in the first place ( which it typically is, go look at cable companies).

In which case, just change the regulations.

I disagree; Government does not understand security dysfunction anymore than the companies themselves do.

Making the issue political will not improve results.

Further, they are not alone in this market, you also have Experian, TransUnion, and Innovis.

If you want less oligarchical behavior in this industry, then I say change the FCRA. Don’t punish the company, change the rules that are blocking more agencies from starting up.

And he was wrong, very, very wrong. It greatly expanded the power of Government; to no benefit, to break up a company that was doing nothing more than making the price of oil hit the floor.

All it did was demonstrate that Government didn’t understand how monopolies are disempowered overtime, and how it is prone to listening to very loud voices coming from cronies.


What the govt has done is move from a results driven govt to a process driven. When you mangage process the results get lost, the focus becomes process and not results that leads to bloat, over staffing, to many layers of mgt and finally failure…this is written all over the govt of today…hence the reason why the ‘deep state’ hates Trumps guts is a results driven man vs govt and its process.


I don’t see the bearing of what you said here.

The point remains; Gov’t has no purpose punishing companies, certainly not the executive branch.

Common Law and Contract Law suffice to amend breaches of contract, and that’s all which should be enforced here.


I am afraid we are talking 2 different subjects, you are addressing process management and I am addressing results. Its not securty management and rule, regs etc etc. Its the results.

150 M people have been compromised, their personal data open to all and the highest bidders, lives and credit can be ruined. This is unacceptable and we don’t let the continue down the road anymore than a LEO who pulled you over for DUI and found you blew a 3.0…well drive safe and don’t let it happen again.

EqF has FAILED and yet I can’t stop buying their product, their product is what they have stolen from me without permission. SHUT THEM DOWN, CLOSE THE DOORS. They have no RIGHT to remain in business!


No, the problem is that you’re simply attacking symptoms, not root causes.

Do not mess with companies. Leaving things to contract law is ruling on the result. By definition, it’s reactionary law, waiting until there’s a disagreement between parties.

That is very different, than a pro-active Gov’t executive, punishing a company out of spite.

Then let people sue them, breach of contract. Solves itself.

When it comes to why one company has that many people on file ( and no, it’s not even the biggest company in this business), look at the regulations that encourage it, and change them.

Change the conditions, that is a root-cause approach.

This is reaction, whereas what you want is proactive action. Not the same.

And to make the the response the same, you basically have to kill the guy. That’s the only equivalent measure to shutting a company down.