ESPN Benches Curt Schilling for Radical Islam Tweet

ESPN Benches Curt Schilling for 2015 Season over Radical Islam Tweet - Breitbart

Who seriously watches this network anymore anyway? A kid playing tennis with brain cancer and a war veteran double amputee track star just don’t measure up in courage to a gender confused person who had the “courage” to mutilate himself. The network is extremely p.c. unless they are insulting a Christian’s faith. Chris Carter, Warren Sapp, Skip Bayless, Stephen Smith, Michelle Beadle, and Chris Berman are highly annoying. And who needs *Baseball Tonight *when you have the MLB Network? Who needs *NFL Primetime *when you have the NFL Network?

ESPN has now cemented itself as the “Pro Terrorist Network”, the idea that today’s Terrorists are not deserving of being equated with Nazi’s is not an opinion that any sane person could embrace; I only wish Schilling had stood his ground and condemned ESPN.

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