Europe commits suicide


The UK’s Daily Express has published a staggering interactive map of the movement of “refugees” from the Mideast and Africa. It shows where they are coming from and where they are going. They aren’t all coming from the Caliphate. Absolutely fascinating.

Staggering interactive map shows wave of migrants flocking to Europe each day | World | News | Daily Express


Webpage won’t load for me, freezes up and then says the internet is not responding.


This site has a better version:

The flow towards Europe - Lucify

maybe it will work for you. It works for me using Firefox or Google Chrome. I am not an expert on internet browsers but some people here are.


A lot of these “refugees” are supposedly fleeing but they are actually coming from safe places and now reports are coming in on “refugees” disappearing and acts of violence increasing in those countries with demands that those countries go muslim.


Success…finally. Had to switch to firefox. Apparently IE doesn’t like it.

There are several flowing through Iran, but from where?


Check out Eritrea. They are fleeing so fast it is a wonder there is anyone left there. Syria is the primary source but Afghanistan is a close second. In case anyone hasn’t noticed, you can pick a date and set the speed of the display.


Passing through from Afghanistan?

The second link I gave has a much larger map than the Daily Express.


I hope somebody puts together a map like this showing Central America, Mexico and the United States. Are you listening Donald, Ted, anyone?


If so, the map here doesn’t show that.

Of the countries listed, the only ones I’m not aware of being in an active crisis are the European ones like Serberia and Macedonia.

It’s not a matter of simply being in the path of ISIS. Nigeria has Boko Haram, and as to Eritrea:

What you need to know about Eritrea


Probably Afghanistan and Pakistan to the east as well as India.