Even Cats Have Their Trolls





I LOVE cats and I have a million of these!
(funny cat items … not cats):rofl:


Reminds me of my three little furry demons. Four if you count the vicious, evil, Pug of Death!




OMGosh! Too funny! I have a cat, too. He’s quite a character!


I love kitties! :smiley:


[quote=“Trekky0623, post:7, topic:37952”]
I love kitties! :smiley:
[/quote]Especially when they’re being bad!:rofl:


Oh, my Raven (he’s totally black except for a little white patch over his privates…a friend told me that was because he was a virgin) is a little trickster, too. He loves to play–sometimes he drives me nuts wanting to play all the time. I rescued him from an shelter about 2 years ago. He’s very sweet. I tried to include a picture of him, but for some reason, it won’t paste. Sigh


“Copy and Paste” doesn’t work for pictures on this site. You need to get a photo-hosting site (like photobucket), and link to them.




I found your kitty’s picture!

I’ll post it for you!



Too funny! But Raven is totally black with a little patch of white over his privates. AND, he doesn’t dance!! :cat: :no:


This is my cat studying.



Magnaclam studying:


Wow…and he’s doing algebra to boot!!


What’s the story behind the clams and how do you make them so fast?


I don’t really make them fast. In fact, I haven’t done many new ones in recent years. The one above is the September image from a little Magnaclam calendar that I did for 2009. If you’re interested, all twelve of the monthly images are in the Cigar Lounge in a thread called: Magnacalendar: Year in Review (or close to it; I’ve found it before with RO’s search function, flaky as it is). The images were relatively easy to make simply be resizing the individual Clam images, flipping and rotating as need, and pasting to the image under construction (in Paint).

The story behind the Magnaclams started with a chat with my late online friend Sarah (there’s a memorial for her stickied in Site Announcements). We frequently chatted about sci-fi and things, and sometimes did silly double-talk debates. Well, one night, she made an offhand reference to giant intelligent clams. We went back and forth a little on it, with me as pro-clam and her as anti-clam. Ultimately, I ran with the concept, and that’s the origin of the Magnaclams.


Your clam’s eyes look just like my cat’s. He is as black as can be and his eyes have a greenish-yellow glow to them and when he is looking at me, all I can see is his eyes–just like your clam’s. He’s really beautiful. I’ve never seen a cat as black as he is.