Every Car I've owned and what I've thought

Need a break from politics. Ok I didn’t start out a gearhead, but overtime stuff happens. I’m only including my daily whips on here not things that were projections.

1998 Ford Escort (be me be 18 be 2005) Took me to college 100s of times over 60 miles each way. It worked It was boring it made it past 200,000 miles… until it literally caught on fire while I was driving it it break lines burnt up had to bail on icy road at 30mph. It worked 5 years, but the guy who worked on it also wanted me dead (My mom forced me to play nice with an inlaw) let him save us money let him work on it.

2002 Saturn SC 2 - This car I miss the second most got me from 2010-2012, a drunk Mary Kay Cosmetics saleswoman in a red Cadillac pined me up against the bridge at 55mph. I had PLPD I got 500 dollars to shut me up. I had a second battery in it, and an oversized alternator cause I had a 2000w amp and sound system. I remember being pulled over for ironically bumping Gucchi Gucchi for 30 minutes straight in a wealthy neighborhood where my ex lived. This was the car the made me a “capitalist to my bones” I was tired of college and dumb professors so I got a cert in Radiology and left.

2005 Saturn Ion LVL3 2012-2018 It refused to die, I let my wife’s sister borrow it she cracked the oil pan in a ditch kept riding without oil for 50 miles, and abandoned it on a freeway. 2.5k car abandoned on freeway got 120 for scrap tow was 110.

2005 Chrysler 300 Limited 22" Rims 2015-2017 - The Worst car I have ever owned it ate transmissions twice in 20k miles. I will never own an FCA car ever again.

2006 Saab 9-3 2016-2020 - Possibly the best car I ever owned. I brought it up to 134mph on the freeway I could keep going but, yeah at that point what’s the point. I didn’t want to let it go but the rust kept coming back and the electrical was starting to get Janky. Outside of rewiring half the car, it would not run like new. I always keep my cars in near new condition. Like I wanna get another one they all have rust and electrical issues. Maybe someday a barn find, and complete rebuild when I am not busy.

2011 Buick Regal CXL Turbo (2019-current) - Really Great Car my wife drives it. Honestly wanna get a GS version someday or a sportback those rock over 300 horsepower stock. We have one of the few models built in Russheim Germany where they just slapped a Buick Regal badge on an Opel Insigna. They were selling Opel Insigna’s for 40k euros as a luxury car in Europe and then used it as a base model here in the US. Got it for a hot 5k solid sweet deal before Covid hit. Had it painted yellow professionally.

2012 Volvo S60 T6 Platinum. (2021-current) -Loud Speakers 0 to 60 in 5.8 seconds. I have no idea what to think of this car. I have barely driven it. I drove it this summer. This summer was an emotional nightmare people won’t stop dying or getting injured in my life. So I have no idea what to think of it. I paid way too much for it, got it at the begining of the inflation issue in early spring. I need some good memories with it. I’ve been a part of the Grand Rapids crust punk scene since 2005 Even I wanna scream die yuppie scum at the car. This is the car the vampire from Twilight drove in the third film so my wife likes it.

1980 Datun 210 - Blow head gasket, but it was free and got me 4 miles to and from school for 6 months and to my job where I earned enough for my next car

1978 - Vette…No, not a Corvette, a Chevette. It was built in true 70’s fasion. Heavy, like a tank, solid rear axel with leaf springs and floor board that, by the time I sold it (for $50) in 1993, you could run along Fred Flintstone style.

1982 For EXP - It looked sporty…It wasn’t. It was just an Escort with 2 seats.

1986 Plymouth Duster. Good little car till I went catfish fishing and forgot and left the chicken liver in the car overnight and next afternoon.

1998 Ford Probe GL. Still have fond memories of that car. Ran great and had pop up headlights!

1993 Ford Probe GT For, great, sporty, decent mileage and unusually reliable and pop up headlights, which, when one of them stopped working, looked ridiculous because you had to leave it up till it got fixed $$$$

1997 Acura Integra Type R Very fast, highly sought after (one of the few FWD cars with mechanical limited slip), but louder than a motorcycle at 10,000 RPM. The cars redline was over 7000rpm and it would gladly go to 8000, but the heater, all by itself, was louder than most cars.

2003 Nissan Pathfinder. Nice little truck. Got it because I got married and had kids, time to settle down

2008 Subaru Legacy GT. Solid, comfortable fast

2015 Nissan Murano - Top of the line with tons of gadgets.

Thinking about another car in the spring. The new Kia EV6 is an amazing looking car (inside and out), but I think I’m going to give Biden’s new infrastructure bill some time to build out more charging stations, then I might take the plunge. Till then I might get a pickup or another SUV with at least 5500lb towing capacity.

This is the best you had the high point of ones life. Just kidding.

Looks like someone had a rebound over the R-Type
The Legacy Screams yes I have kids but I’m still gonna drive like I’m in my Acura R-type

My thoughts on Nissan. They drive forever. My step dad had a 1996 Nissan Altima. He was such a slob my mom and him had to part near the end of their respective lives. So this thing was covered in ciggeretes cocacola and fricken rancid cheese burger smell. It was 2015 when it died. The guy comes to haul it he opens up the door and he’s like Dear God the smell, and Mark rather than admit being a slob said yeah old cars get like that. As fast as some of them can be, as durable as some of them can be I can’t shake the image of my step dad. My friend wanted a Nissan Murano, and he went with a Jeep which was stupid. There’s in a guy in town driving a 1988 Dodge Horizon and that thing can’t turn like a modern car for the life of it. He almost hit me the other day.

My mon had a 1988 Honda Accord that had that same issue back in 1994. My sister has a weird love for the probe she used to buy them, spiff them up and resell them because alot of people had no idea what they had back in 2003. She made 6000 that summer flipping probes.

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I loved and hated that R-Type. I didn’t put it in the list, but I owned a GSR as well after the R-Type which I only owned for 1 year. I got a really good offer for it (the R-Type), a decision I regret to this day. If I still owned that car it would be worth 5 times what I paid, I sold it with 45k on the clock in fantastic shape. The GSR was a bit of a let down, but a much better daily driver.

Far as the Nissan, my pathfinder was solid as a rock. The only thing that ever went wrong on that truck was taking it off road and damaging BOTH catalytic converters when I slipped off a rock I was trying to get past. That ran me $1800, other than that, it was the most fun I had in a car at less than 100mph.

And, while I didn’t mention it, I hit somewhere around 140+ in that car. I say that because at that speed, taking your eyes off the road long enough to see how fast your going is close to a football field in distance and I was terrified a deer was gonna run out in front of me (I was in western Maryland at the time, lots of deer out there).

Good times…

For me the list is quite small

1996 Ford Fiesta

2002 Mazda 323 astina

2007 Toyota echo

then I went back to a 2003 Nissan Pulsar

then I went to a 2018 Honda Civic.

Cars are just tools to me. I guess that’s why I like show like Bush Mechanics and Sick Puppy.

Bought my first car in 1977 for $1000, a '71 Plymouth Valiant.
I’m now driving only my 6th car, a 2006 Toyota Camry I bought in 2005.