Everyone cheer up!

If our stupid short-sighted leaders – US, Russian, Chinese – can just avoiding getting into a big stupid war … the future is bright.

We’re right on the brink, historically, of some huge scientific breakthroughs in medicine and biology – the cliche is that the 20th Century was the Physics Century, and the 21st will be the Biology Century – and possibly in other fields as well., eg controlled Fusion power.

The really important breakthroughs will probably occur in China, but who knows?

Man will become the subject, and not the object, of history.

These two stories have appeared just in the last few weeks:



(If you don’t know what CRSPR is, read about it here:
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CRISPR_gene_editing )

Of course, things looked pretty promising in 1912, as well – they could look back on a two decades of amazing progress : wireless communication, powered heavier-than-air flight, radioactivity discovered, X-ray machines. theory of relativity … social and political reforms in the advanced countries … … and then …

Very cozy until you add Biden to the mix.
By the way,who says things are going to get better? I believe in optimistic outlook, but history, science and the Bible seem to oppose that view… I , for one, would be very grateful if at least some good news is proven to me.
Being a Christian assures me that everything will work out fine… eventually. But the short-term is bleak.

I absolutely agree with you with respect to the short-term outlook.

If we can avoid a big war, I think we’ll muddle through. (And by ‘we’ I don’t mean ‘the USA’. I mean the human species. America is in the process – along with the West in general – of committing suicide. We might be able to save some of it, but the nation as a whole is done for. But others may learn from our mistakes. )

If we have a big war – a full thermonuclear exchange, bio-warfare, and who knows what horrors from the AI labs – it really will be the End Time. No, we’ll probably still recover from even that, but it will be a matter of many decades, even centuries, not years.

Yeah that. Although the things that make it bleak also excite me in a way, because biblical prophesy is coming to pass.

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Hmmm… if at the beginning of each century going back … many centuries … someone had predicted “The coming times will be horrible and violent, and many people will die before their time, through war, disease, natural disasters …” … is there a century, during the last, say, three thousand years, where this was NOT true, on any large continent?

You are quite correct. That is why the Bible specifically forbids the setting of the date through speculation of signs and wonders. There is a DATE but nobody knows what DATE except for the Father Himself.

There are, however, signs of the times which are spoken of in scripture (some easier to decipher than others). We don’t know the hour and the day, but I believe Jesus made it pretty clear that we would know the season (general sense; not as in spring/summer/fall/winter).

Some of you who are atheists or gnostics may understand this concept:
In “The Lord of the Rings” the High Elves like Elrond and Galadriel did not wish for Absolute Power (the One Ring) even when it was freely offered to them. The Elves desire was that things remain that àre good and evil banished.
May conservative people adhere to this fantasy,

We may wonder why Jesus has not returned, in over 2000 years.

The following joke may explain why. It’s set a few years into the future.

An alien spacecraft lands on Earth! The alients emerge, and their AI-translation machine talks to our AI-translation machine, and within a few minutes they’re able to translate our language into the aliens’ language, and vice versa.

The leaders of the earth fly in and within a few hours, we are talking to the aliens.

After half an hour or so, it turns out that the aliens … are Christians!!!

The earth people are amazed. “You’re Christians? Really?”
“Yes”, reply the aliens. “Jesus visited us several thousand years ago, and He comes back every year. It’s wonderful!”
The leader of the Earth delegation says, “But … but … He visited us just once, over two thousand years ago, and we’ve been waiting ever since for his Second Coming.”

“That’s strange”, an alien says. “When He first came to us, we were just overjoyed. We were so happy! We had huge celebrations for Him, all over the planet, and He visited them all … and we showered him with gifts … everyone was so eager to show Him how much we loved Him … … and He’s come back every year since then. …Hmmm… You say He only came to you once, though… and hasn’t been back since … strange… Say …when He first came to you … what did you do for Him?”