Everything is political

NFL is a lefty hug box all of a sudden, Who thought they’d side with the NBA it always seemed like they were gonna side with the MLB. Dr Seuss is political I hear. Who owns the taco place down the street is political. Reddit skewers left, and Gab hits a hard right. We close our selves in these cute little boxes so we don’t have to be offended or questions our beliefs so we can have two Americas built to destroy each other.

My question is who made these boxes? Who benefits from these boxes?
See I sort my laundry that benefits me greatly. I sort my tools this benefits me greatly.

I have this crazy idea its like China and Russia pulling and pushing both ways trying to get Americans to sharpen their knives at each other so they can eat the leftover fat.

So the real question are you gonna follow a party blindly into the dark complicity agree to every step from it’s mouth piece or you gonna do what I do, buck my part 20 to 30% of the time. Give em a good jab remind them they work for us.

Reading your posts, it seems like you are a party line Democrat.

You probably consider me to be far right, but I am pro-choice within reason (avoid very late term abortions; don’t kill children who are born alive). I am concerned about giant overreacting government, high taxes that hobble the private sector, open borders and use of the court system to stifle Republicans who disagree with Democrats. I believe in freedom, not government.

Someone certainly is, and may be on the take from Russia and/or China (or other parties interested in America’s demise).

My party should denounce BLM and Antifa Activities yours should denounce J6. The law is the law we can disagree but no American should be up against American in violence over politics that’s so demoralizing and can quickly esqilate.

As I said, I know of no responsible conservatives who supported the goings on on J6.

When comes the Democrats, they embrace BLM and accept Antifa as one of their more militant wings, or when they are really violent, they say “Antifa is only a concept”

You think one way and vote another, like many rank and file Democrats.

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I’m trying to think of one local democrat that embraces that view point. I made a joke to the effect that Antifa could take care of that (a local eyesore building), and I was verbally berated and it was a joke clearly. We had a BLM thing here but like 20 people showed up it was kind of a sad mourning thing it was weird lots of people came from a long ways to be there. The most activist part of the county wing Progressive Women’s Democratic Caucus wouldn’t touch it. Then the Sheriff who is like a known ruthless type. The rest of the Democratic Party loathes him here.

He comes out and says in front of 20 rural protestors and the ones in Grand Rapids that were there the day earlier. He said Black Lives Matter holds his fist up, and I just laughed I saw it on tv. I facepalmed. If you knew Poulin like I do on a personal basis from fundraisers and meetings, you know that would be like the KKK-Lite saying that.

It screws me to gears that the national party, and people I support at the national level won’t not turn them away. I know they feel their gonna loose votes. It’s like Trump failing to condemn what happened in Charlottesville. I have a close friend in the Local GOP, six votes away from county commissioner, and he openly bucks his party too were not sheep here.

The “local Democrats” mean nothing. It’s the national Democrats who want to spend more money than the tax revenues could ever cover, who support Critical Race Theory, who want the regulate the country into chains and who just blew it with our withdrawal from Afghanistan are the people who count. I think that the leadership of the far left of the Democrat Party is way ahead of the Democrats on the local level. All those people think about is winning the election for their party rather than the ramifications of what they are doing. Like you they have bones to pick with specific issues, but that messages goes nowhere.

You are like the hardest person to talk to I feel like you only listen to Tucker Carlson and hang on his every word. Do you think I only listen to Rachael Maddow and treat it as gospel I don’t even listen to her dang.

Getting out of any long war is a mess remember Vietnam. Nixon was shady but he wasn’t to blame for Saigon and history hasn’t blamed him for that. We had to leave that war at any cost.

Nope. We didn’t have to leave billions of dollars of equipment for the Taliban to use and the Chinese to copy. We should have been quietly moving our citizens out of the country. We should have had a plan to withdraw, not just pick up and leave. Biden could have informed our allies. Did you see how PO’d the members in the British Parliament members were?

Biden always was a second rate, hack politician. Now he’s added senile and stubborn to the list. Stubborn goes with dementia. I saw it my mother and my mother-in-law when they were losing their minds.

Setting a withdrawal date of September 11, 2021 was about as dumb as you can get. That is a holiday for radical Muslims. That’s the day they successfully attacked America and killed tens of thousands of people in the long run.

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maybe we should of thought about that before we went in I’ve had a really hard day so that’s all I got for ya.

1 He could have done the obvious thing and gotten the civilians out first, and not give the Taliban control of the perimeter of the airport. And not give up Bagram at all.
2 I know that Saigon was a mess, but I’m not clear on the specifics.
3 No, we didn’t. A bad solution is always better than a worse one. What Biden did is radically worse. And what Sendgop said about setting the withdrawal date for the 20th anniversary of September 11.

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We expected our puppet government to hold for longer than the 15 days it did before the Taliban took over. When you build a puppet government for 20 years don’t you expect it to last more than 15 days?

As I remember it, Ford was the President when Saigon fell.

I sat on my living room couch, watching the whole country turn red, as the Taliban took over. I could see it without the “intelligence reports” that Biden was supposed to be getting. I think Biden was on vacation at Camp David at the time. He spends most of his time on vacation either there or in Rehoboth Beach.

I don’t blame him. Rehoboth is nice this of year. I really mess it, but when you are the President, you have responsibilities. Biden is not interested in maning up to them.

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The media lies all day everyday about everything. And they repeated their Charlottesville lie over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. And you believe them and have no idea that they were lying. Shame.

Laughable, you really expect the military to admit that they have turned the best fighters in the world into the worst army in the world? And they did it at the bargain price of a trillion dollars or so.

Biden and Milley are on record jawboning the Afghan president into lying about his readiness to remain in power.

There were “good people on both sides” there were also scum on both sides. Trump denounces white supremacists and white nationalists more times than I can count.

How many times did Joe Biden denounce CPUSA support?

Doesn’t have to, they pretty openly denounce him.

I don’t know what the lie your referring to but I saw his messed up response to Charlottesville my good friend Mike was over that week. He was a right winger and he was floored by it.

Really Good Patriotism why don’t we just hand over Hawaii to china if you wanna crap over the military that hard and our ability to govern overseas.