Everything You Need to Know About College Microaggressions


When students protesting “microaggressions” took over an administrative building at Occidental College in California, they issued 14 demands. The school agreed to all except the first, which required the firing of its president. Similar protests took place concurrently at other colleges nationwide.
Occidental’s five-day takeover was organized by Oxy United for Black Liberation, led by members of Oxy’s Black Student Alliance (BSA) and Coalition at Oxy for Diversity and Equity (CODE). Occidental says the demands they agreed to meet were:
"Promotion of the new chief diversity officer (CDO) position to vice president level.

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If you look through the laundry list of demands it is clear all this is about taking over the college and getting free stuff with whites and other subjugated. No enforcement of behavior with the removal of police or any other security.

Hey if these guys want a black college they should attend one and pay for the goodies they want.


Divestment from Israel is trendy ?


Revisionist History in overdrive is trendy too …