Ex-Miss Universe Machado disses Melania, had racy TV encounter while engaged


Ex-Miss Universe Machado disses Melania, had racy TV encounter while engaged | Fox News

Seems this lady is about as poor character as one would use for such a purpose, in some ways I feel sorry for her. She was involved with a man who was a major dope dealer in Mexico, who was accused of smuggling into the U.S. She threatened to kill a judge after he gave his sentence to her ex for attempted murder.

In the link you can scroll down and can see the UK Sun posted some sordid details (and language) from her as she had sex with some reality TV show guy openly on tv, this while she was engaged to someone else. She’s quite proud of the incident also, saying “that’s why it’s called reality tv”.

Hey, I’m not one to morally judge someone unless they have chosen to profit off of the moral judgement of someone else. She is clearly an opportunist being used for political purposes. Ironically she states: “I think I speak more English than her,” Machado, a Venezuela native, said. “I don’t see anything about this girl. She’s a doll. She’s a decoration. That is how I see her.”

I don’t know what reality she lives in. First, I can understand Melania better than I can her when they speak, second, she is stating that Melania is a decoration, has this lady any clue as to why she is even well known? lol. She is a former Miss Universe. She does reality tv shows. Now she is famous for attacking others running in an election.


Miss Universe 1996 Alicia Machado emerged at the center of a spat between Republican presidential nominee Trump and Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton after Clinton said during Monday’s debate that Trump two decades ago had called Machado “Miss Piggy” due to apparent weight gain
So she thanked Hillary for bringing up a 20 year old “cut” that the Donald said? Interesting perspective.


Well what is interesting is she stated that her problems were in the past, many years ago. Not sure if on Fox or CNN was where I saw that. She admits, she hasn’t been an angel. Yet, his comment is such a big deal that she rehashes it 20 years later. Surely voters can see through this.

This has been a very dirty political season, the first I have ever watched which makes it particularly confusing as it is in real time. In the end, this is a complete politically driven ply to drive votes away from him by both Latino and female supporters. Maybe it will work, but this lady can easily become a liability that backfires from the intended purpose.

As I said, in some ways I feel sorry for her.


Sounds like Hillary and Ms. Machado have something in common; they are both more than willing to screw people for money and power with little regard for ethics or the law.


**Sounds like Hillary and Ms. Machado have something in common; they are both more than willing to screw people for money and power with little for the ethics or the law. **
Now THAT was well said!!!


Trump needs to stop talking about this kind of BS. The morning after the debate he responded to it again. No one should be surprised that Hillary brings forth a 20 year old situation in order to get under Trump’s skin and he took the bait. Trump - sidetracked once again. When he isn’t talking about Hillary’s incompetence, scandals or the economy he is losing ground.

Trump either doesn’t understand this or can’t help himself. He’s correct on most every issue, but he is lousy as a candidate.


Trump actually saved her career. He opposed Miss Universe officials who wanted to can her due to her weight gain. He sent her to Mar-a-Lago for diet and exercise. I did some research on her. In 2006 she modeled for a tasteful nude photoshoot for the Mexican edition of Playboy. According to Boobpedia, she dedicated the photos to Trump. I guess loyalty is not her strong suit.


First, I don’t like to get personal and offensive with my language against the candidates.

Second, what is ironicl about this entire charade is that it has been shown that CNN made offensive comments about her weight gain 20 years ago. There were also newspapers who are currently vilifying Trump for his words who reported strongly offensive statements themselves in the 1990s about these situation. A quick and simple google search provides the evidence of this.

So, CNN carried the water for Clinton regarding these offensive comments, but have nothing to say about the recent revelations about her past, nor their own past of being equally offensive of their reporting at the time. There was also no mention of the clear bias of asking these personal questions of one candidate but not the either.

They should be sticking to the issues and policy challenges, but it can’t happen. Both candidates are fighting historic negatives and thus this election is about eccentuating the opponents poor character rather than arguing why they are the best person for the job.


I guess they must be trying to tell us that neither one of them should be elected.


She certainly seems to act like a pig, why is this even a topic?

Oh yeah, I remember; because Trump can’t hit a fastball thrown directly down the middle so he looked terrible in a one on one debate. This is why Trump refused to debate Cruz after all the others dropped out, even when he has all the advantages and multiple setups he cannot think fast enough to pull the trigger, when there is no crowd to give him cover he is left only with his own wit and knowledge.

If someone had told me last year that the GOP would put up a candidate that could make Hillary look like a leader in a Presidential Debate I would not have thought it possible, I guess Trump can put that on his list of impossible accomplishments.


CORRECT on “Most every issue”?



Everyone seems to be missing the most important point…
She literally looks like Ms. Piggy, lol