Ex-RINO Charlie Crist Makes It Official, Joins Democratic Party…


Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist has officially joined the Democratic Party, fueling speculation that he may run against Republican Gov. Rick Scott in 2014 after getting trounced in his 2010 Senate run.

Charlie Crist joins Democratic Party - The Hill’s Ballot Box

Any politican who wears his/her beliefs on his/her sleeve and can change so easily is not someone people should trust from either party. They are there only for power and gaining wealth.


he’s a joke, it’s really sad.


He’s a political hack that is always on the tail of the latest trend.


Arlen Specter revisited.


We also have the former Republicans turned “Independents” like Lincoln Chafee and Michael Bloomberg whole heartedly supporting Obama.


The entire Establishment GOP are Democrat’s who have just not officially changed Party affiliation yet.

Hearing their defenders repeat the “They are with us most of the time” mantra just to see them become Democrat’s as soon as they have milked the GOP for all they can get is not surprising anymore, the surprise is the Conservatives who still think the GOP can be seized from these liars.


It seems every day I see another story of some GOP member who says “why not raise taxes”. Boehner is going to raise taxes. All the signs are there, he is folding already. I would say the republicans are showing their true colors more quickly in Washington.

Any who thinks Obama will cut spending or allocate any new revenue to pay down existing debt is fooling themselves. He will use the money to spread around the world and his followers.