Ex-Shell President John Hofmeister: Obama 'had nothing to do' with oil-and-gas boom


Lying and reinventing history are what Obama does.


Am sure WAPO and others in the MSM will not report this.

Or if it makes the print media, it will be buried on a back page among the obits.


After all the mouthing off that Obama did about how evil carbon fuel products are for the environment, one has to wonder why he would want credit for oil and gas production. If anything, he did all he could to reduce oil production with his refusal to approve the Keystone Pipeline. The weasel also dragged his feet on approving oil and gas drilling. Now he wants to take credit for it. Typical.

If Trump or any Republican made this claim, the environmental Nazis would be chastising him for promoting global warming. But when Obama does it, the dim wits from the “La-La Party” applaud.

Maybe that’s because they have not made any solid achievements in any area of public policy over the last two years. All they can do is crow about the Russia Probe. Now they have to cheer about past achievements, even if they are fictional.


Wait a minute: You’re saying Obama didn’t build that?..