Exclusive: ABCNews Star Reporter Busted for Eco-Activist Journalism; Network Investig


Exclusive: ABCNews Star Reporter Busted for Eco-Activist Journalism; Network Investigating Discipline
Posted by Andrew Breitbart Jan 31st 2011 at 8:00 am
Big Journalism

Bob Woodruff is a reporter for ABC News who focuses on environmental issues. Woodruff’s career is the sort which convinces Americans to invest their trust in his reporting.

Unfortunately, Big Journalism has learned that Mr. Woodruff has been doing much more than objectively reporting on environmental issues.

Woodruff has been working with an environmental advocacy group, an action in direct violation of ABC News journalistic guidelines. According to ABC News, Mr. Woodruff’s actions were in violation of the company’s standards policies and ABC will take “appropriate disciplinary action” for his not reporting his advocacy activities to them. ABC News further said that if Mr. Woodruff had sought approval for his environmental advocacy efforts, their standards department would have declined permission.

Another example of the kind of @#$% that has made the phrase, “journalistic ethics,” and laughable oxymoron.


I don’t believe this for one minute! ABC has standards!?


I guess I can’t be surprised that yet another one of these stories is out there now, I just thought Dan Rather’s epic crash and burn might usher in a renewed respect for Journalism.

It has been 6 years since Rather tainted the entire vocation and it seems like there are more examples now than ever of this Propaganda driven “journalism” with an agenda.

Maybe the Blogosphere will save the discipline of reporting but right now the “unofficial 4th branch of government” is even more corrupt than the official 3 branches.


I think they always have been. Corrupt, that is. It’s just that more of them are getting exposed for what they are in recent years.

P.S. LOL, Perkins.


I only watch FOX NEWS they are fair and balanced.


Which is a contrast from you,who is foul and demented.


That was exactly my thought!


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