EXCLUSIVE: Iran conducts 4th missile test since signing nuke deal


EXCLUSIVE: Iran conducts 4th missile test since signing nuke deal | Fox News

Here we go again:

Two days before the anniversary of the nuclear agreement between Iran and world powers, the Islamic Republic attempted to launch a new type of ballistic missile using North Korean technology, multiple intelligence officials tell Fox News.

                                           	                               The test, in violation of a UN resolution, failed  shortly after liftoff when the missile exploded, 

sources said. The effort occurred on the evening of July 11-12 near the Iranian city of Saman, an hour west of Isfahan, where Iran has conducted similar ballistic missile tests in the past. It would be at least the fourth time Iran has launched or attempted to launch a ballistic missile since the nuclear accord was signed on July 14, 2015.

Iran is barred from conducting ballistic missile tests for eight years under UN Resolution 2231, which went effect July 20, 2015, days after the nuclear accord was signed.


The REAL QUESTION? How many tests will it take till they think they have it right and the next one OR 2 is headed for Israel and the US?


Indeed. I can’t imagine they are conducting missle tests for a fireworks display. This is why Israel was hesitant to see a deal put forth, they are one of the nations most at risk from such a realization and they are skeptical of the agreement.

I’m of the opinion that yes, a deal in place is better than trying to whack a mole everytime they seemed to be pushing forward their nuclear ambitions. However, it has to be enforced to the letter of the law. This isn’t a former bankrobber on parole who jay walked, this is a nation looking to develop nuclear means which can cause mass destruction and even eliminate an entire nation. This is about as Code Red as it gets.

Enforce the agreement and demand UN do their part, no more lip service. Also, as has been stated by people far more informed than I am, the timeframe for alerting Iran about an inspection is too long. A 48-72 hour preparation period is sufficient to ensure that fair warning was given and the inspection is conducted that protects the integrity of the agreement. The world needs peace and less nuclear threats, not more.


No country who has gained nuclear power for peaceful purposes has only kept it that way. Iran is in no danger of being attacked but ranks very high on the scale of those likely to attack when they get the ability to do so.


Nothing on mainstream media about this. Trump should have been all over it


The OP was from Fox News, fairly mainstream and a staple for Conservatives.