Expert: NSA phone-tracking 'insane'


A longtime expert on the National Security Agency calls its practice of vacuuming up millions of American phone records nothing short of “insane.”

James Bamford, who has written four books on the NSA and writes often about its practices since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, told POLITICO in an exclusive interview on Thursday the agency’s phone-tracking system was the latest case in which he said it overstepped the law under the pretext of defending the U.S. from its enemies.

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Obama really reigned in the patriot act didn’t he?



No idea why this is in Left vs Right, since both sides seem hellbent on doing this.


Bamford does write great books on the NSA and he is right, it is insane.


From what I’m seeing way too true.


[quote=“Maylar, post:2, topic:39729”]
No idea why this is in Left vs Right, since both sides seem hellbent on doing this.
[/quote]You mean the program started under Bill Clinton or the broadening of the patriotic act to the point that the government has carte blanche to listen in for any reason or look at any of your records.


I hear what you are saying but you can’t honestly be telling me that you think Bush has clean hands on all this?


If samspade can’t, I can!




I didn’t see that he made such a statement.


[quote=“Conservative_Libertarian, post:9, topic:39729”]
I didn’t see that he made such a statement.
[/quote]You know BOP he reads into what he wants not what is there.


I will go to that extent. I can think of many things I can blame Bush for, but to blame him for the “NSA Scandal” is not one of them. Section 215 was not intended to have such a broad interpretation. Instead, when you have Holder as the Attorney General, what can you expect? How could anyone blame Bush for this scandal? The Obama administration is the only one to blame.


They’re both to blame, plus every Congress that voted, renewed, and supported the Patriot Act is to blame.


I don’t think the Patriot Act is to blame for the NSA incident. The Patriot Act was just abused by Eric Holder. Section 215 does not allow the federal government to have such broad oversight into someone’s personal freedom.


All of these parties can be blamed for the existence of the PA in its present form. However, it appears that PA, as it is written, has been exceeded (abused) by the present administration. This is why I knew that the PA, overall, was a bad idea. Demoncrats never hesitate to abuse any law that gives them an inch over attacking political opponents. Progressives are all about shutting up and shutting out the opposition because…you guessed it…The Truth Is Incorrect.

The parts of the PA that made the different government databases reconcile info to aid in terrorist investigations was a good thing. Other parts opened the door for what the 0bama admin is doing to abuse it.


Bush gave us the Patriot Act, which was a great infringement on civil liberties in and of itself, to include federal agents being able to write their own search warrants. Bush also gave us the DHS and TSA.

Articulated brilliantly by Judge Napolitano.
Obama White House spying on half of America | Fox News


While I support the general principle behind the Patriot Act, I have not read the entire Patriot Act bill to know if I agree with the entirety of the bill. To the issue on hand, the administration abused the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act does not allow the federal government to have such a massive surveillance authority. If you wish for this debate to diverge from the NSA surveillance incident to solely on the Patriot Act, I am opened to it. However, the NSA incident is just a pure example of the abuse of power by the Obama administration. One cannot validly place blame on the authors of the Patriot Act for the NSA incident.


Never has the government used section 215 to obtain circulation records. Section 215 is used as few as 40 times in a year for mostly driver’s license, credit card records, etc. The federal government seized records from many innocent people who the government had no probable cause to suspect any terror activity from. I find it troubling that Lindsey Graham said, “If you were not involved in any terror plot, you have nothing to worry about”. Mr. Graham it is troubling for the administration to abuse power, and for you to defend their actions. The federal government is with no doubt violating people’s right to privacy. The Patriot Act requires for a business record to be obtain from the court and the investigated target is a US citizen then the investigation CANNOT be based solely on activities protected by the first amendment. Clearly, the NSA did not have probable cause to seize phone records from millions of people.


The Patriot Act in itself is an abuse of government.


Do you blame Bush for the NSA Surveillance incident?


Blaming Bush still eh? Why not blame the founders? They’re the obvious fools who set this up to be abused by a political class by not including mandatory term limits for all elected officials.

Don’t forget, when blaming ex presidents, to include Clinton for creating the original idea that W’s team, and congress, rewrote.

Personally, me, I’ll stick to placing blame on who is ordering and controlling the abuses going on right now.
That ain’t W. He’s responsible for his own mistakes.