Exploring The American Way

First I have to say, I (as an European) am not familiar with the us-american law/right-system. I will try to deal with it in the future.
What I don’t understand, and what I’m asking myself is:
Who was the first person that claimed, that said rights are god given? And who wrote this things down first?

I understand your concern about god-given-right vs. govt-given-right. But if rights are claimed to be god-given it would be hard to convince an atheist or agnostic (btw: I’m none of them). I am working on how to convince people that don’t believe to god (or don’t hardly believe) that these rights are despite universal and inalienable.

Atheist or even a semi atheists are difficult as they have no basis, no guideon in life. They fall into the ‘if it feels good do it’…then some atheist says well I don’t believe in murder! REALLY, based upon what, where is the foundation, the moral compass. Their rule book is based upon them as in ‘man’ making up their own rules as they travel the road of life, no more, no less. For this reason its why most dictators are atheists.

That said do not confuse GOD with religion, God as viewed by our forefathers was a supreme being…thus was borne “freedom OF Religion”. Fact is Atheists are certainly religious in fact they may well be the most dogmatic of all religions as they see themselves as the top of the food chain, they are in fact their own supreme being. Atheism is simply the denial of any supreme being except yourself. They will often try to deny, but that is impossible as they are their own rule maker. At which time we see the failure in that its ‘man’ making rules.

Hence you find a LOT of atheists in the far left liberal camp. Don’t waste your time trying to convert them anymore than expecting success in nailing jello to a wall…

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Because it had nothing to do with his question.

It’s about the effort? That’s not what you said before. You said everyone tries to be happy…now they don’t? I don’t think your field of “science” is as strong as you think it is.

Sure they do! I meant the effort to reach happiness.