"Explosive Devices" issue is BOGUS


This so-called “bomb-maker” was either the MOST incompetent bomb-maker in history or these devices were NEVER INTENDED TO DETONATE in the first place. This is another Democrat-inspired false-flag operation folks, designed to point the finger of “political evil” towards the GOP and away from the Democrats who’ve ACTUALLY been the violent ones since the 2016 election.


Your argument is credible. Would be good if what you say was discovered, but I doubt it will be.

Even if it were proven true, the MSM will bury it.


Let’s face it, we don’t know very much at this point. We don’t know the sender’s motivation at this time. Were these packages sent by an over-zealous Trump supporter? Were they sent by a nut? Were they a “false flag” (sent by a Dem) response to get the caravan off the front page? Were they sent by a foreign entity to influence our election? We don’t yet know.

That said, there is nothing “bogus” about the likely/possible political effect. The caravan invasion heading our way is no longer front and center. Media ignores the incendiary rhetoric from the Left, while Trump’s often overheated rhetoric is being used against him and Repub/conservative candidates nationwide. Media will pound this narrative home from now until the election. What iimpact on the midterms this caper will have is open to speculation at this time. Who knows what the facts will eventually reveal.


Stop and THINK for a minute. Who stands to “benefit” from this story the most–true or not??? It’s patently OBVIOUS that this is designed to benefit Democrats at the “expense” of Republicans. Not a single “device” has exploded. Not a single “device,” as far as we know today, is even an EXPLOSIVE device. They merely LOOK like pipe bombs. Even the info coming from LEO’s is that they are “SUSPECTED” explosive devices. Why are they “suspected?” Because they LOOK like an explosive device…period. For the Democrats’ purposes, appearances are everything. I can build something that LOOKS like a pipe bomb in about 20 minutes in my garage. All I need is a piece of pipe, two end-caps, some wire, a throw-away cell phone or digital watch and a drill…maybe a 9-volt battery.


I agree with Dave…

And as long as we’re on the topic of “fake news”…

I think the so-called “caravan” coming from South America is a Republican operation paid for by secret Republican money. Republicans paid these people to come north because they knew the kind of support they would get right before the election. I mean, how else could they afford to “walk” thousands of miles. I mean look, who stands to benifit of hysteria about boarder security?

Brilliant strategy BTW, Brilliant!


Dear Friends,
I am online now because I was about to make the same suggestion.
Is there a leftist-Democrat fringe that would consider the elimination of the “Old Guard”: and start all over with a more radical group? A PURGE is a popular pastime of the Left…Joe Stalin would have done it LAST YEAR. Only a cheap novel can compare to the Trump Years for DRAMA!


First - PD, do you really think I haven’t considered who gains from this? Really, Dave?

And, let’s see - 3 weeks ago you were arguing along with me, and rightfully so, that Dems were opining for “guilty until proven innocent” when it came to allegations against Kavanaugh. .

Now, in effect, you are opining the Dems are guilty until we learn differently.

Who stands to gain? The Dems, of course. Does that mean this is a “false flag” caper? No, only that that is one possibility among several.

I hope I don’t offend anyone - NOT - but pardon me if I would like to wait until we catch the piece of crap who did this.

As for the devices - bomb experts are now acknowledging these devices are rudimentary, but CAPABLE of exploding. That said, given the “red flag” packaging and the fact that none have detonated MIGHT BE AN INDICATION they were never intended to kill, but only to intimidate or draw attention away from the impending invasion, or the device maker(s) was inept, or cast Repubs in a bad light, or . . ., fill in your own version.

It makes me wretch that such a fiasco - which was no doubt perpetrated by one individual or a very few - stands to influence this most important of elections. It is imperative this individual(s) is caught ASAP.


I haven’t found ANYONE “guilty” of this Doc. I merely opined that the ONLY people who stood to benefit from this are the Democrats, which is the ONLY thing I claimed. As a former criminal investigator, I smell a rat here and I’m surprised that you don’t either. Less than two weeks from the mid-terms, no Republican would be stupid enough to pull a stunt like this…not if they wanted to energize the GOP base to get out and vote! No! This is designed to energize the DEMOCRAT “base.” Americans are, I firmly believe, too smart to fall for this ploy and it may even backfire. I doubt they’ll find out who did this before the election. That would defeat the whole purpose.


LOL, CSB. What would the Republicans’ MOTIVE be for this farce?



Motivating the Republican base.


You’re absolutely right. We don’t know. And often things turn out more twisted than we could have imagined.

However, I find myself vacillating between two thoughts. One is pure dread at the thought that some extremely stupid Republican could actually think it would be a good idea to bomb high-profile leftists.

The second thought is the realization that everything adds up right in line with what @Pappadave is now alleging. That some low-life leftist wants the Republicans to get the blame for violence against the left.

Given the targets and the timing, I can’t think of a third possibility. I just pray we have an answer soon. And I really really really hope it’s not the first case.


I have feared that too. But consider the unique problem that Republicans have. The media HATES Republicans, especially with President Trump in the White House. If any Republican facilitated this caravan in any way, the media would spare no effort to dig deep and find the truth so they could expand it and make it front page news from now until the election.

If, OTOH, a Democrat is paying, the media wouldn’t find it newsworthy.

I’m not actually predicting who is paying, but those facts have to be taken into account.


I’m sure it’s the Russians. :scream:


I would say it a little different (the media hates what Trump and more broadly some of what Republicans do), but I agree with the sentiment. Certain elements of the media go out of their way to point out Trump’s mistakes to the point that I understand the backlash.

Having said that, the media, as a group, do not all lean left. There is plenty of right-leaning media and even some that would love to make a name for themselves uncovering left-leaning “plots” to sway votes through false flag operations.

Frankly, I’m not convinced that there isn’t a larger plot by external forces to create influence such that no one trusts any idea that is contrary to what they and the group/s they identify with already believe.

In other words…I think it’s entirely possible that there is a mission, driven externally to divide and conquer because we keep asking questions like, "who benefits most from the timing of…(insert event here). The answer might be…Enemies of the US and the ideals that the US has stood for since WWII.


I’m sure that was sarcasm…But why not? Do the Russians have anything to gain by dividing people here in the US?


I disagree. I think it would be reported on on CNN and on MSNBC, perhaps not enough according to some.

I’m with you though, I’m not really making any claims about the legitimacy of either of the recent issues that seem to be dominating the news, Caravans or Bombs. I’m willing to wait to see if we learn who is responsible (in the case of the bombs) and if the caravan was organic or if it was incited/ paid for by someone with interests.

Then there is the question of whether we (you and I with different political ideologies) could ever be convinced if the story ends up going in a way that might conflict with those that share our ideas and beliefs.

If it turns out that one or both of these events aren’t what they seem, how messed up is that? Fear has always been the go-to weapon in politics, not good policy, but the level of fear seems to be rising well beyond the actual danger it represents, and I’m not singling any group out, everyone does it and they do it because American voters, ALL OF THEM are dumb enough to fall for it.


Someone was arrested today…Hmmm.

No that does not mean it’s over, but we may know before the election…Perhaps?


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Bombing Suspects Van


Bombing Suspect