"Explosive Devices" issue is BOGUS


Dam, he’d fit right in here!!!


BS. This guy only registered as a Republican AFTER the 2016 election. Something smells to high heaven about this.


Or we could stop indicting entire groups of people for the behavior of individual scumsuckers and this wouldn’t reflect on Trump supporters or Republicans at all. Then discovering the truth of it would matter less in the political realm and more as a matter of justice.

At this point, they ought to know. Every bomb and “rendering it safe” I’ve ever observed the police know as soon as it’s “rendered safe” whether it is an explosive. Yes, it is very strange that the media continue to describe them, even today, as “suspected.”


So far, I’ve only seen ONE Law Enforcement agency (NYPD) claim that one “device” was “capable of detonation.” What moron would take it out of the envelope and then stand there and photograph it and the envelope if it was “capable of detonation?”


I would agree with this except for the fact that the Left were the ones who made the caravan a 24/7 story and jumped out saying they should be let in at once.

If it was GOP funded I would be quite pleased at their new capacity to think critically but I think what actually happened was the Left completely misread the electorate (as usual) and they got the same result as their assault on Kavanaugh; pissing off and scaring everyone who is not in their psycho circle of lunatics.

But if you turn out to be right I will be smiling :slight_smile:


And for what it’s worth, I want to go on record as saying this fake bomber is a Leftist and he did this to try and gin up passion in Leftist voters and cool down the passion of Conservative voters.

No politician was ever in danger, most of those listed never actually received these fake bombs in the mail and they were designed to not go off.

The ridiculous van, the ridiculous message on the faux bombs and the misquote of Larry the Cable Guy all point to a Liberal who has spent zero time investigating his political foes and instead opts to just assume his echo chamber is informed and doing his thinking for him.

Fake Terrorism from the same group that brings fake news substantiated with fake facts.

Feel free to quote this to my shame if I am proved wrong, but I won’t be.


I am from Florida and the fact is … Felons or ex-felons lose their voting rights forever!

Yes their are a few (A Very Few) who get them restored after so many years, with clemency but, I doubt that this guy was one of them.

Ex: https://www.miamiherald.com/news/politics-government/state-politics/article160996109.html


I don’t know about this guy. It could be that he’s a mentally imbalanced repub. It seems unlikely since all of us are so well-rounded and sane. :vb-crazy: It will be interesting how the left spins this. Regardless of whether this nutcase is a repub or a dem, he’s managed to provide lots of speculation and fodder for anti-Trumpers before the election.


Anti fodder is right, they are flooding the news with all the “evidence” that this guy is a Trump fan but if history is a reliable indicator we are about 4 days away from finding out it was all BS; the media fall into the same trap over and over and over again :wink:


It could be the first case combined with a bit of leftist prompting.

No, it’s the Martians…

Not that I’ve seen; certainly not relatively speaking.

I’m one of those “some.”

Are you kidding? Half of us don’t even like Trump. Some just supported him because he was the anti-Hillary, and others (like me) didn’t support him at all, although we’re happy that he’s actually doing some conservative things.

One thing I find curious: If the suspect is to be taken at face value, why did he choose so many relatively irrelevant targets (Obama, Hillary, DeNiro, etc) and few if any whose death would impact much of anything? I don’t know the current list of targets; did he target Schumer or Pelosi?


In addition to FC, I’m one of the “some” too.

Curious @csbrown28, what “news” items do you think CNN snd MSNBC focus on the most?


It’s very kind of you to offer us a ray of hope. I’ve kind of given up believing that he’s a closet leftist pretending to be a Trump supporter. I figure every large group of people has at least one person that’s both stupid and psychotic.


If it was not the end of October in an election year I would probably assume the same but with a Democrat Party that has acted as these monsters have been acting in this cycle I will have to see a lot more than what they are “leaking” to believe this is anything but another dirty trick/lie.


You could be right, RET. As we have seen historically and recently, with the Left anything goes. Virtually anything is justified as a means to an end.

I hope enough of our electorate focuses on results of policy, but I have a VERY low opinion of our electorate in general.

I remain hopeful, but not particularly optimistic.


The idea that the bomber is some extremely crafty long-game leftist who attended Trump rallies with MAGA hats and signs, posted about how Trump was the first politician who ever “spoke to me,” and so forth, all to help the Democrats in the midterms, has to crack the top-3 most insane and delusional things I’ve ever read on this board.


You don’t proofread your own stuff?..


Well put. My compliments.


The idea that lumps Trump and the bomber together, IOW Trump should have this bomber hung around his neck, “has to crack the top-3 most insane and delusional things I’ve ever read on this board.”


The idea that what has been reported so far of this fake bombers political history should be embraced as infallible is probably the top delusional thing I have read on this board; excluding AS’s illegal immigration claims of course.


It very well may be. Someone is clearly funding it. So either someone on the Right is funding it, or someone on the Left made a terrible miscalculation.