"Explosive Devices" issue is BOGUS


At the end of the day, the man just appears to be a crazy person with delusions that frequently bleed into him acting in real life. Whether what he sent out could have detonated may not be overly material. His intent was probably to kill. However, he doesn’t appear to be particularly bright.

Of course the possibility that he wanted to be caught can’t be ruled out. Perhaps the bombs weren’t intended to kill, but to simply lead back to him and get some attention/fame. He’s obviously been arrested enough times that I doubt “I could go to jail” has much power over him. Maybe he even likes living in prison more than the outside world. I’ve heard of people who felt that way(especially the mentally ill).

I see no evidence to suggest he’s working on behalf of Democrats. He strikes me as a fairly typical Zerohedge poster(except he actually acts on his delusions).


I’m no authority on what MSNBC and CNN report on as I can’t say I watch them all that much (though CNN plays in the office without sound).

I thought the helicopter coverage of authorities towing the Sayoc’s van was over the top. I was like watching OJ flee in the white Bronco, but it wasn’t nearly as exciting.

I think at this point the drama has become more important than the facts.

It’s kind of like “professional wrestling”, people know it’s fake, but they watch it anyway and act like it’s real.

Some people have a different tolerance level for the truth and facts. Take Alex Jones. He admits he’s “playing a character”. He spouts the most ridiculous crap, but there are some people who believe him, they are the “mark”, the people he targets.

I think CNN and MSNBC see Donal Trump as a villain and there is an audience for that (something the President of CNN all but admitted). Trump understands that the story is more important than the facts and together, the media he claims to hate he can’t live without because they make him who he is…

Fox treated Obama and Clinton the same. We don’t have news anymore. We have entertainment. 24/7. Thats what our culture demands and that’s what it gets.


Please cite examples of FOX inventing “facts” to destroy Clinton or Obama; anyone can fill pages with these examples towards the Trump era “news” networks.


Then how can you form an opinion on what they do report?


The guy is a plain vanilla loon.

How this is all connected to Trump is beyond me.

I mean, was it Trump’s rhetoric that pushed this nut over the edge? Would he NOT have done this WITHOUT Trump’s urging?

C’mon . . . this squirrel would have done it ANYWAY.


Because I have watched enough to form an opinion.


Except NOTHING President Trump has done or said encourages any of this. Now what the DEMOCRATS say and do is another matter altogether. Their “leaders” ENCOURAGE rioting, attacks on Republicans and violence against anyone with the temerity to approve of President Trump and what he’s doing for this country and the world.


Whoa . . . whoa . . . wait a minute.

Back up . . .

You said:

So, to form an opinion you don’t have to have done “all that much” is what you are saying. IOW, not “all that much” due diligence.

Worth remembering next time you express an opinion.


These days I do not watch a lot of CNN or MSNBC, but in the past I watched more. Based on the way the networks used to be and the way they have become is the basis on which I form my opinion.


The fact that his story is now checking out kind of says it all then;

Truth is stranger than fiction.


Nice back-peddling dance.


So how do you know so much about CNN and MSNBC? Would you say you watch them more than I do? Is that how you formed your unbiased opinion?


The only liberal news outlet I watch with any consistency is CBS News, and they almost make me throw up every night. If you want to watch 100% unadulterated, Trump and Republican hating socialism, CNN and MSNBC are the way to go.

If you have been under a rock for the past 30 years, you won’t know that CNN has long been known as “The Clinton News Network.”


I saw CNN in the late '80s; they weren’t obvious in those days. I do recall PBS in the '90 and their alleged L v R segment, Shields and Gigot (later Shields and Brooks, then Shields and Someone Else). I kept waiting for the alleged conservative to come out swinging with the myriad of ammunition that the right had against the left, and he never did.