Exposing Nazi Biden's Point Man for the Jan. 6 Prosecution of Patriots

Exposing Nazi Biden’s Point Man for the Jan. 6 Prosecution of Patriots

Channing Phillips, acting U.S. attorney for DC, is the Biden administration’s point man in enforcing a prosecutorial double standard that seeks to lock up even nonviolent January 6 protesters while letting violent Antifa and BLM rioters go free.


The “Violent Insurrection” that Wasn’t


The very day it was happening, I was excitedly commenting, but it didn’t take us long to realize, on the same day, that it was a set-up operation. Alex Jones who was at the location realized what was happening immediately and took to a bull horn telling people to get away…But the real patriots were all caught up in the spirit of the moment…and a crowd like that is easily fooled by a few Antifa or Fed agents breaking windows and pretending to be among the crowd…Then the cops started removing barriers and letting them in, even opening doors for them…

So, you can see this crowd which is energized by the patriotic spirit of the day, just walking in as if it was a tour of the building…just taking pictures…nobody destroying anything…Nobody rioting…Just walking in the building in a line like at Disneyland, even staying between those velvet bank ropes…Just awed by the historic environment…taking pictures. For them, it was a tour. It was a historic moment that they felt like they were a part of. This was the people taking back their capitol in a peaceful symbolic way…Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?

Well, Alex Jones knows a false flag set up when he sees one, so he was frantically yelling over that bull horn telling people to stay away from the building…His instincts were spot on…Within that very day, most of us who were watching the event knew what was really happening. Trump supporters were being set up…Trump then realized it and told everyone to just go home.

And so, naturally, the enemy is using this event for all it’s worth…but seriously, if they have any credibility with anyone at this point, the only ones they are persuading of anything are in the vast minority who are part of the reason this country has fallen into enemy hands in the first place. The only other effect of such a psychological weapon is, of course, to suppress Trump supporters organizing a revolution…

The reason the enemy wants to do this is because, like everyone else, they saw the sheer numbers of patriots that descended on Washington DC, almost spontaneously. They attempt to pretend that they aren’t afraid of this threat, but their actions say otherwise.


I am glad to see you back, @TrumpGurl . I hope you will come back often.

There was a older man who is a Navy veteran who got arrested for January 6. He was not violent; he was not an organizer; and he wasn’t even in the Capitol, yet they held him in solitary confinement for two months. His crime was being at the rally. This was on Fox News.

Now the story for the “poster child” who prompted Merrick Garland’s attack on parents who say the “wrong thing” at school board has come to light. This parent’s daughter, was a attacked in a school restroom by one of the transgender perverts, who was wearing a skirt, because he was allowed in the women’s restroom. The school board covered it up and transferred the sick-o to another school. Now he’s done it again and is finally in some hot water. None of that matters to the far-left members of school board, who should be sued for their actions.

What happened to women’s rights? Now a man with his “equipment” is allowed in the women’s restroom because he’s “transgender.” Do normal people have any rights? Not as far as the Democrat Party and these far left school boards are concerned.

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Thank you.

While RINO’s were playing pattycakes with the enemy, a fascist state was established right under our noses, with a ready and willing generation of college indoctrinated kids to run it.

And your moderator sniveled about civility. Biden just gave the green light to extremist attacking senators in bathrooms. ---- civility.


Don’t wave red capes in front of the moderator. I want you to stay here.

The woman who confronted the senator is an associate professor of journalism at Hofstra University. She has a Ph.D. It figures. This is what a college education does to you.

As soon as someone realized that not all women are lesbians and some of them are even white, … yeah.

I did the crime and I did the time. Its all good.