Exposing Obama's Gun Show Loophole myth


Lies as usual. If you’ve ever bought a gun at a gunshow you know that liberals lie.


So wait, your saying that there is no such thing as “the gun show loophole”?

I can tell you for a fact that private sellers at gun shows can sell to people without requiring so much as a divers licence (at least in Virginia). I bought a Kimber Model 1911 and was shocked when I handed the guy $750 and he said, “would you like that in a bag?” as I stand there holding my ID expecting a background check (I’m obviously over 18)…

So, the loophole exists, its just that licenced dealers are required to to do checks, but private sellers are not.

Far as fully automatic weapons, you can buy them, but they require a special class 3 licence which are pretty expensive, harder to get and because of the limited market for them. But I didn’t see in your video where anyone said that they could walk into a gun show and buy them without a background check.

Example of a firearm purchased without any checks…


So what? I can sell (or give) one of my to my next-door neighbor or my grandkids without subjecting them to a stupid “background check,” too. 90% of the booths at any gun show (and there’s one in OKC this weekend) are put there by licensed dealers…and they DO require a background check. I bought my daughter’s 9mm Ruger from a private party and my AR-15 from a dealer, so I know BOTH situations. Can ANYONE show me WHERE in the Constitution that it requires a “background check” in order to exercise one’s 2nd Amendment rights? I didn’t think so.


For the record, in your response, you acknowledge the OP is a myth. That was the entirety of my point. I’m contradicting the claim of the OP as factually inaccurate. The OP refereed the the “gun show loophole” as a myth and thew in a little “Obama” for good measure…LOL. That is simply wrong. Apparently the gun show loophole isn’t a “liberal lie”, something you admit to me in your response (appreciate that btw). As a point of fact you can walk into some gun shows and buy a firearm without showing so much as a drivers licence if there are private dealers at the show, which I agree make up a small percentage of the total booths at any show, but they exist and that is my point (and Obama’s point). Can you see how the video posted is a lie? Surely you can see that it’s pure propaganda that is factually inaccurate? Is the OP lying or ignorant of the practice, I don’t know but hopefully, if she doesn’t believe me, she’ll believe you as you say “you are familiar with both situations and have experienced it personally”. Will the OP acknowledge the correction? I won’t hold my breath. What about the creator of the video who has apparently lead the OP astray, will any conservative here correct her? Make sure that the information she passes along is factually correct? Again, I won’t hold my breath.

When he (the guy in the video) went to the gun show you want me to believe the people there didn’t tell him that private sellers can sell without a background check? Barbara Streisand… Everything else in the video is a lie, a misrepresentation done willfully as propaganda, period. (Gratuitous “snark” deleted by PeteS)

Not sure what anything else in your post has to do with the point I addressed. I didn’t condemn or praise the practice, I simply stated it does exist, so save your Constitutional indignation for someone else.

Now if you’d like to acknowledge the gun show loophole and discuss the merits of it. That’s cool, start a thread and I’ll weigh in, otherwise try to stick to what I actually said?


Nonsense! There IS NO “gun show loophole” any more than there’s an “over the back fence loophole” or an “out of my car’s trunk loophole” or an “anyplace I choose loophole.” As a private citizen, I can sell ANYTHING that belongs to me legally to anyone who wants to pay my price. I don’t need a “loophole” to do that any more than I need one to BUY something from another private individual. Simply put, there IS no such thing as a “gun-show loophole.” I can only wonder WHERE you ever got the idea that you had to have some bureaucrat’s “permission” to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights.


Really, is that like your interpretation of Reagan’s economics?

No, it is absolutely a liberal lie. The left puts forth the idea that you can walk into a gun show, and buy whatever you want without a background check.
This is patently false.

Yes, a private seller can sell without a background check. In doing so, they must keep in mind that if they sell to someone who cannot legally own a weapon, they are subject to prosecution ALREADY. The laws are already there. Have been for years.

Furthermore, Gun Shows have nothing to do with that. You can walk over to your neighborhood garage sale and do the same thing. You can go to a flea market and do the same thing. You can go visit Bob next door and do the same thing. Anytime. And still, the same damned laws already exist.

So, in short, it’s a liberal lie. The stupid GUN SHOW loophole does NOT exist.

Is that plain enough? NO amount of double talk will make your perspective true.


Did I miss something? What is this bit about? Does this refer to something in the video?


Ok, fair point. The name “gun show loophole” is a euphemism meant to communicate a level of bias. Similar to the name “Patriot Act”. So let’s say I concede that so that we can move past names and definitions…Fair?

While I think we’re splitting hairs here, I just want to be sure we are talking about the same thing.

You agree that it’s possible to walk into a gun show in most states and purchase from a private seller without a background check?

Your justification for this is that, if they sell to a person that’s not legally entitled to have a weapon, that there is a law against that, and that is enough for you?


No, just me being snarky


[quote=“csbrown28, post:9, topic:48168”]
No, just me being snarky
[/quote]Then you probably shouldn’t do it. Thanks.


Are there any studies proving that more gun laws and background checks have lead to less murder and violent crimes? Both Chicago and Washington D.C. have the most gun laws on the books, yet they have the highest murder rates in the country.


There is a definitive “study”–a book, “More Guns, Less Crime”, written by a U of Chicago professor which proves the OPPOSITE, however. It’s a highly-referenced and researched statistical study showing that more gun LAWS, making it more difficult or more expensive for someone to acquire a gun, have NO EFFECT on those bent on doing evil, but they DO make it harder for the law-abiding to defend themselves FROM those evil-doers. One fact that the government and left-wing press work diligently to suppress from general public knowledge is that firearms in the hands of law-abiding citizens PREVENT crimes from occurring on the order of 2 MILLION times a year in this country–MOST of the time without ever being fired…merely brandished, scaring the perp off.


Honestly, I’m not sure what this has to do with the discussion. The OP and the video they posted implied that you couldn’t walk into a gun show and purchase a firearm without a background check. I’ve proven that this is false. That the OP’s video is pure unadulterated propaganda. Of course no one recognizes that fact, they simply move the goal post and redefine “loophole” and now you’ve moved on to the result of background checks.

See how dishonest that is?

To your point, now that’ I’ve shown that you can get a firearm without a background check, legal or not, what difference do the studies make? They can’t account for people that buy guns from private dealers at gun shows without background checks.


More smoke and mirrors- geesh:banghead:


There is no such thing as a “gun show loophole” any more than there’s an “out of my car’s trunk loophole” or an “over the back fence loophole.” As a free citizen, I can sell, transfer, give, donate ANYTHING that I legally own to another free citizen–or non-citizen, for that matter. I don’t need a “gun show” to do that and I don’t need government “permission” to do it either


Are all of your 27,000+posts this devoid of any real content?

Just once I’d like to see you post something with any real substance.


Fine, call it what you want, Gun show loop hole, or citizen free to sell your stuff…whatever, I could care less. The point, a point that you gloss over, is that the OP’s video insinuated that you could not buy a firearm at a gun show from a private seller without a back ground check. That is factually false. No matter how many times I point out when people are wrong, none of you acknowledges it, you just move on. Reminds me of my ex-wife.

As far as you being able to transfer anything you own, If you are a researcher that legally owns anthrax, can you sell, trade, give away anthrax? How about high explosives that you might legally own? How about if you live in a state where pot is legal, can you transfer, give or sell that? Can you sell controlled pesticides even if you legally own them?

See, there are lots of things that you can legally own but the state puts limitations on the sale and transfer of. The second amendment says nothing about you being free to sell or trade firearms, does it?

Now before you paint me as an anti-gun liberal, I own several firearms. I’d be happy to post a pic right here of my sweeeeeet AR with your name on it if you doubt it.


[QUOTE=csbrown28;754911]Fine, call it what you want, Gun show loop hole, or citizen free to sell your stuff…whatever, I could care less. The point, a point that you gloss over, is that the OP’s video insinuated that you could not buy a firearm at a gun show from a private seller without a back ground check. QUOTE]
No. It did not. You are misrepresenting the facts. Your post is twisting the words and presenting the same falsehood that the left does.


Are all of your 150 posts devoid of truth?
Just for once I’d like to see something with real substance.


The point is gun shows have nothing to do with private sales between individuals. You can buy a gun at the grocery store with no background check. I can buy a gun on an airplane with no background check.

However, I cannot buy a gun from a licensed dealer without a background check.

You are perpetuating a lie. The gun show loophole is a lie.