Exposing Obama's Gun Show Loophole myth


haha, I’m not sure, I just grabbed a random face palm. Patrick Stewart seemed a bit to nerdy for this crowd and the Jesus face-palm probably wouldn’t have been appreciated :smile:


Maybe he just doesn’t think your posts are much WORTH a detailed reply.


What is a “face palm”?


I like Bush - he’s a good man. He gets the blame for lots of stuff that was not his fault, unlike Obama who gets NO blame for EVERYTHING that is his fault.



Smacking your forehead with the palm of your hand as an expression of contemptuous disgust; along the lines of “you’ve GOT to be kidding…”


FC’s definition is a little stronger than I would have put it. “Face-palm” is an expression of exasperation or disbelief (HERE)



^ that’s a classic…lol