Exposing the Dark World of Human Trafficking


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So, as you go through the installation routine (IF you choose to install it), DO NOT keep checking “Next” without FIRST stopping at each installation routine screen and UNCHECKING any box next to this piggyback nonsense, and THEN you can click “Next”.

A lot of people just breeze through the installation routine, "Next, next, next . . . ", end up installing some crap that came along as an Opt in with the software installation, and then see something like the Ask toolbar (in my example, but it could also be things like Google Chrome or Open Office, etc.), when they open their browser, and think, “Where the heck did THAT come from, I don’t remember installing it.”


Here’s a link for the site of an international organization that deals with human trafficking in general, rather than specifically sex trafficking in the U.S. I don’t know much about them; I heard an ad for them on my regional Christian radio network (Family Life Network): International Justice Mission |


I’m bumping this thread because Focus on the Family is repeating the radio program (guests are former Congresswoman Linda Smith, and a young woman who was very nearly trafficked) from which the thread title is taken from; part one today, part two tomorrow. I strongly recommend listening to this and checking out some of the related links. There’s some good info on the mode of operation of the traffickers; the girl talked about how smooth they were and told her what she wanted to hear in such seeming innocence.

Here’s the link to the page to listen: http://www.focusonthefamily.com/radio.aspx

I don’t know if the same link will take you there for tomorrow’s program, but I’ll link it then anyway to be sure.

Here’s a link to a webpage of Shared Hope (which Linda Smith is involved with) which talks more about the MO of traffickers and signs of someone being trafficked, and resource info for reporting trafficking: Report Trafficking - Shared Hope International

IF YOU ARE A VICTIM of sex or other human trafficking and are reading this post, those reporting resources can help you, too. Please PLEASE use them. You are in my prayers in any event. I was sexually abused by my father off and on from toddlerhood to (and including) age 15, so I know a little of what you’re going through.

Here’s a link to the Shared Hope report card page where you can look up your own state and see how good or bad they are in terms of laws pertaining to trafficking (be advised that the individual state report cards linked to on the page are in PDF format): 2013 State Report Cards - Protected Innocence Challenge - Shared Hope International

I finally got the report card for my own PA to come up; they scored a 59 out of 100 by the criteria that they set which I don’t agree with 100% because of CYS-related issues, but there’s a lot of good breakdown so that you can see your own state for yourself and see what you think needs to be improved. I’ll be looking over mine in more detail now that I can actually access it.

And here again is the International Justice Mission website with more info on the subject of human trafficking: International Justice Mission |

I had previously discussed briefly with WIJG the possibility of doing a sticky thread of resources pertaining to sexual and other human trafficking. Feel free to post in this thread (pending the creation of a purpose-made resource thread) any links you know of that might be a valuable addition to such.

I will close this post by repeating (and amplifying on) what I said earlier and added to my sig: REAL men don’t exploit girls and women; they PROTECT them.

If you’re an adult (or teenage) male and DO exploit them, turn in your “man” card, because you aren’t one. Sex doesn’t make one a man; any dog can do that. Making a girl cry through sexual abuse doesn’t make one a man; any COWARD can do that. If you have an ounce of shame about what you are doing, seek whatever help you need to stop; that is far more manly than contuing to exploit/abuse. If you DON’T have an ounce of shame, God will stop you anyway sooner or later. Check six, coward.


I don’t know if the link is the same (it may be, since it’s to the audio of today’s radio broadcast; it looks like the same address), but here’s the link to Part 2 of the program on sex trafficking: http://www.focusonthefamily.com/radio.aspx

When I heard Part 2 for the second time, I picked up on a couple of things that hadn’t stuck in my mind the first time. One is that girls aren’t necessarily taken away when trafficked; they’re just threatened and coerced to make rendezvous and go back home after they’ve been abused. That was covered a little in the Shared Hope link titled “Report Trafficking” in my post immediately above.

The other thing is the fact that some of the guys who assist the traffickers are also lured into the trade (I read a fictional book that delt with a similar scenario involving child porn; the oldest teen in this group was lured and coaxed into (in the company of two younger male friends) abusing two young girls, although none of them thought of it as such). Obviously, they need to take responsibility for their actions, but luring guys with sex is as old as luring girls into sex. Unlike the pimps, they often bail, even if it takes a good amount of time for their conscience to nag them into quitting.

The girl who told of her own account of nearly being trafficked (she was rescued before she was fully committed, but there were some things involved that they said they weren’t going to discuss on the program) set a beautiful example of “love your enemies” when she spoke of hoping that the traffickers would find God. Most of the hard core pimps probably won’t (I’m not in a position to judge the whole, but I have to believe that many or most have blasphemed the Holy Spirit in their heart of hearts, and thus are committed to the highway to hell); but many of the guys used as bait might well repent. They need to be prayed for that they face up to the harm they’re doing, and learn that God made them to be men, not destructive parasites.

And if you are a victim who is reading this, please that God made you to be a lady, and what has been done to you doesn’t take that away. You’re still a lady inside, no matter how worthless the cowards who trafficked you try to make you feel. God loves you just as much as anyone else on the planet (I know this can be very hard to see if you’re still being abused (by trafficking or any other kind of abuse, sexual or otherwise); I’ve been there; like I said in the previous post, I was sexually abused off and on as a child and early teen by my father), and the horrid things done to you (past or present) don’t take away from your worth in His eyes.

If you’re being trafficked, PLEASE seek help; it isn’t always perfect, but it’s well worth pursuing. The “Report Trafficking” link in the previous post is a good one to go to if you have no local options available. May God rescue you, heal your broken heart, and teach you that you ARE a lady. Because you are.


Another article on the subject:

You’ll Never See This Side of the Super Bowl on TV - PolicyMic

One of the things mentioned in the article that I wasn’t as conscious of as I need to be is the complicity of some cops. Crooked cops- especially in this venue- are the among the lowest of the low; along with any complicit crooked judges.

This whole subject just ticks me off royally, and I can’t always think straight. My first (natural and instinctive) response is to want to lock and load and unload on the guilty parties. I need to leave that in the hands of God and legitimate (doing their duty) law (unless the problem drops in my lap, in which case all bets are off and so are the gloves), and figure out what I can do for the girls (and boys, in some cases).

To the victims: I realize more now the danger to you in seeking help. But I still implore you to do so. Another thing mentioned in that article is that you don’t have a long life expectancy if you don’t seek help. I’m sorry to scare you with that, but I implore you to understand that you’ve got little to lose; and a LOT to gain.

And again, you’re a lady in spite of lie that is your circumstances. God loves you period, no matter how much Satan lies to you with the hurt you endure.

My love to you also, and my prayers for you. May God bless you and heal you and bind your enemies.


Links to a couple of new Breakpoint articles on the subject, with regard to what’s at issue in Canada and the opportunity to improve things by emphasizing the targetting of pimps and traffickers and helping the prostitutes who want to get out of it:

Mrs. Smith Goes to Ottawa

Modern-Day Wilberforce


I would like to begin this post by stating I did go through and read the posts and will admit I did not take a look at the links. I have a comment and a question after reading through the posts. Comment: This thread is similar to threads I have posted on in a liberal forum. In that forum one of the members said that human trafficking includes the legal prostitution of consenting adults, such as in Nevada (outside of Clark County) Question: Do you agree that if the law permits it and the woman chooses to engage in prostitution of her own free will (as with Nevada) that it is human trafficking?

My personal opinion is that they are separate issues. One is done through use of force, the other is done by choice.


If it is a free choice without any coercion to get the women into it or keep them in it, then I would not think it was trafficking. But I’m starting to consistently see reports that the vast majority of women would get out of the racket if they could; the two latest links I posted said the percentage was in the high 80s. Also, the average starting age (this was in the links about Canada, but it’s true for the U.S. as well) for a girl to be trafficked is thirteen. A juvenile cannot consent, and those who hire thirteen-year-olds need a major-league attitude adjustment. They’re royally messing up lives for a temporary and absolutely selfish thrill. They either don’t know or don’t care about the first thing about MANHOOD.


Focus on the Family is doing another two-part program on sex trafficking. Like the previous time, Linda Smith of Shared Hope is their guest, along with a young woman whose case she was involved with. In the case of this girl (who apparently goes by a pseudonym; “Lacy”), however, she wasn’t rescued before she was trafficked; and she worked for a year and a half for a pimp- starting at age thirteen. As her desire to leave increased and she was less concerned about the consequences to herself, she was told that if she didn’t do it, they’d get her little sister to do it instead, and made it abundantly clear that they knew how to find her. In all likelihood, the threat was a bluff, because the last thing he would have wanted was to take additional risks that might get law enforcement involved. I’m hoping that in part 2 they tell what happened with the pimp. Here’s the link to Part 1 (not sure how to activate audio; the page is different from before): Human Trafficking: What You Need to Know (Part 1 of 2) | Focus on the Family

There are also some resources mentioned on that page

Here’s another link to a podcast (I’d hoped for an article, but they don’t have one) from the site of the regional Christian radio network about a woman in western NY setting up a home to help rescued sex trafficking victims: Hometown Heroes: Deb Kuehner - Family Life Podcasts


I can’t imagine why ANY woman would engage in such a demeaning and degrading “profession” voluntarily–unless she was so lacking in self-respect that degradation doesn’t bother her. Of course, she won’t live very long in all likelihood so she’ll only be degraded for a short time. It’s no accident that there are rarely any “old hookers.”


They’re manipulated; often at a very young age. As they reiterated yesterday on the Focus on the Family program,the average age of a girl when she’s first trafficked is thirteen. A common strategy is to attract her with an older boy who strokes her ego, tells her that she’s very mature and sympathizes with any element of chafing at parental authority, and thus gets his hooks into her. They turn up the heat slowly; first getting her to run around behind her parents’ backs, maybe adding acohol and/or drugs, then start pressuring her on the grounds that she’s come that far, she might as well go a little farther (or else lose his “respect,” and possibly get into trouble with her parents). In the case they were talking about yesterday, he started her as a stripper (at age thirteen), and then told her that it wasn’t enough. He played every fear card in the deck, including the shame she would feel before family, and telling her that if she didn’t do it, he would get her younger sister to do it; and as I mentioned above, he made it clear that he knew how to find the sister.

As I mentioned in an earlier post in this thread, some 80% of prostitutes reported that they’d like to get out of it. My suspicion is that many of the remaining 20% lied out of fear of retribution from their pimps (even though the survey likely didn’t take names).


Here’s the link to Part 2 of the Focus on the Family broadcast: Human Trafficking: What You Need to Know (Part 2 of 2) | Focus on the Family

I just discovered that they have text of the episodes available; there’s a place where you click on Episode Transcript, and it gives you three options: Opening, Body, and Closing. Click on Body, and it gives you the discussion proper.


I did a little searching, and I found a site that looks good on the surface, but I wasn’t 100% sure it wasn’t an imposter site: STOP-IT Initiative Against Human Trafficking - Just another The Salvation Army Chicago Metropolitan Division Sites site STOP-IT Initiative Against Human Trafficking Does anyone know if it’s legit? I looked at the Salvation Army’s regular website (I saw options for Salvation Army USA and Salvation Army International; the latter used the plain www(dot)salvationarmy(dot)com address, so that’s the one I selected). I don’t know if they’d have anything about the locally-based program in the link or not; I didn’t find anything. The Salvation Army International website, by the way, had this interesting page that I want to look at in more depth: The Salvation Army International - Anti-Trafficking


The issue of sex trafficking is a difficult one but it is our insistence on punishing the victims that makes it hard to stop. We should be humiliating and locking up these johns rather than the women who are forced to have sex with them. Some countries in the Netherlands have already started to do this because they realized the problem can’t be solved and is sometimes made worse when you lock up the prostitutes. Men should take a look at feminists who have long wanted to do away with sex trafficking but don’t feel any support from the male gender. This is about the humiliation and disrespect that women have received at the hands of a very sexist and violent male culture in the US and elsewhere. Conservatives are often afraid of the feminist message and spend a lot of time criticizing it when they could be working with them to achieve the same ends.


I agree overall, especially about the need to stop victimizing the victims and put the blame where it’s due; on the johns and pimps.

I DON’T trust that feminist organizations have the best interests of women at heart; otherwise, they wouldn’t be enabling (or in some cases, outright pushing) abortion and promiscuity, and I imagine I would hear more (which is to say, something) from them against well-known pornographers like Hugh Hefner and Larry Flynt.

I’ll be happy to work with a feminist if I’m satisfied that she isn’t using the issue for a nefarious agenda.

I would also note that in decades gone by (when feminism wasn’t nearly so popular), neither sex trafficking nor pornography were near the problems that they are in our modern “tolerant” society. The left has demeaned and scorned traditional marriage, and the sexual revolution was a symptom of that; and so is today’s sexual train wreck.


Today’s Breakpoint commentary addressed the sex trafficking issue and one particular ministry. I’m linking to the transcript, and they have links to a few resources, including IJM: The Prayer Pants


The “culture” of the US is most assuredly NOT “sexist and violent”. Quite the contrary. America has become the home of the wimp where women are concerned. Oh, there are still instances of men involved in domestic violence, rape and various forms of mayhem towards women, but overall, American men kow-tow to women…which is one reason American men are seen as so desirable as lovers and even husbands by foreign-born women from SE Asia, the Philippines, Australia, Russia and the former SSRs where they are otherwise treated as breeding cattle or sources of income from prostitution.


Here’s a link to a program from the regional Christian radio network in our area about an organization hoping to set up a safehouse for minors who are victims of sexual trafficking in New York (state). There isn’t really an article with it, but they link to the podcast of what they aired on the news this noon, and there’s a link to the organization itself: Faith Under Fire- The Potter’s Hands Foundation - Family Life Podcasts

A couple of things struck me when I heard it on the radio. One is that there’s a huge dearth of such safehouses for trafficked minors.

The other is the degree of ignorance (or denial?) about sex trafficking. The guest speaker on the program told of an encounter (I don’t remember if it was her personally) with a cop who, when asked if there was sex trafficking going on in his area, he said no. So he was asked if there was prostitution. He said yes. Then he was asked if any of the prostitutes were minors. He said most of them were. WELL GUESS WHAT…

To the young ladies being trafficked who might come across this: I’m understanding better the lack of support you get when you escape the trade. I still urge you to seek help. This thread has some resources, and here’s a link to a Federal government site: Domestic Trafficking Hotlines

And here’s a couple of hotlines that site lists that you can call:

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children: 1-800-THE-LOST
National Human Trafficking Resource Center: 1-888-373-7888

Both numbers are listed as 24/7 availability, although they suggest 911 in an emergency.

If you’re having difficulty getting help after escaping a bad situation and on a personal note, I suggest contacting a church, especially an evangelical one. I realize there are some folks in churches who are at best reluctant to get their hands dirty to help someone out of the mire, but I implore you to keep trying; those of us who want to help are out here. If you can’t find the help you need in the big cities, see if you can contact someone in the smaller cities, towns, and rural areas. We don’t live quite the mach-three-and-hair-on-fire lifestyle of the big cities, so we’ve often got a little more time and energy to spare to help someone in need.

God bless you, rescue you, and heal you. Amen.


FC: Great resources! Thanks! With the way the morality in this country is going, it won’t be long before sex trafficking will be a “right”.