Exposing the Dark World of Human Trafficking


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The other is the degree of ignorance (or denial?) about sex trafficking. The guest speaker on the program told of an encounter (I don’t remember if it was her personally) with a cop who, when asked if there was sex trafficking going on in his area, he said no. So he was asked if there was prostitution. He said yes. Then he was asked if any of the prostitutes were minors. He said most of them were. WELL GUESS WHAT…
[/quote] I’d guess (correctly so) that the mere presence of prostitution, even of minors, does NOT in most peoples mind automatically mean the person is being trafficked… There are MANY prostitutes that don’t have ‘pimps’, they are ‘independent contractors’ if you will. So, who’s trafficking them then? Are you going to say that they are trafficking themselves and that Conservatives should interfere in their right to conduct business? I’m not saying prostitution of children should be allowed, far from it. HOWEVER an adult (provided there is no coercion/force) should be allowed to be a prostitute if she chooses.

As for the ‘dearth of such safe houses’… There actually isn’t… Most don’t advertise BECAUSE they are safe houses and are meant to keep the victims from being found by those who would want to. I’ve heard of several here in Colorado (a couple in the Colorado Springs areas) on the radio, HOWEVER they keep their location VERY secret to prevent people from finding them. My guess would be that many of the safe houses just don’t let many know they exist, so no one can even find the records for them to find them. (And there are pimps and such that would try)


Last I heard, prostitution is still illegal.


And it’s highly unlikely that a minor is a prostitute by choice.


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Last I heard, prostitution is still illegal.
[/quote] Well, except for in Nevada (outside of Clark County) it is illegal. I didn’t say it was legal, I said that I feel prostitution of adults SHOULD be legal as long as there isn’t force/coercion. The way Nevada does it works IMO, the legislation seems to keep everyone on both sides safe…


This is what I responded to: [quote=RanmaMOJ]Are you going to say that they are trafficking themselves and that Conservatives should interfere in their right to conduct business? [/quote]

No one has a “right to conduct business” if that business is illegal.

  1. Like Mom said, I doubt very much that there are many minors prostituting themselves independently. I don’t remember the source, but one study claimed (and this was for prostitutes in general, not just minors) that something like 80% of them would like to get out of the trade.
  2. Secrecy of location, yes. Secrecy of existance, no. A safe house can’t help someone who doesn’t know that said safe house exists. Personally, I’m all for well-armed security for safe houses.


To any clergymen, other church leaders, and churchgoers who see this, I implore you not to turn away from this issue out of your discomfort. As Christians, we’re not called to comfort (although God sees fit to grace us with it in season); we’re called to be the hands and feet of Jesus. If a young woman (or guy, in some cases) seeking help to escape from this evil or to get on their emotional and financial feet after having escaped, don’t be afraid to get involved. The last thing these kids need is for someone to turn their back on them after all they’ve been through. Ask for help yourselves; you don’t have to have all the answers. And speaking of which, pray about it; God has all the answers, as well as being He “from whom all blessings flow.” Pray about it, and help when you can.


The Breakpoint commentary today had a good article on the fight against porn (and how a facet of the fight is being won) and its connection to sex trafficking (don’t try to tell me that porn is victimless):

If you had any doubts about the pernicious hold of pornography on American life, recent headlines should lay them to rest: The Ashley Madison website hack … the well-publicized scandals involving Josh Duggar and Jared Fogle … the spectacle of heavily painted topless women parading around Times Square in broad daylight . . . it’s all overwhelming.

Full article at: Maybe We’re On the Right Side of History after All?
They also provided a link to a resource about the connection between porn and sex trafficking:
Sexual Trafficking and Pornography - the Link Between the Two :: Catholic News Agency

There’s no manhood in pursuing either porn or sex-for-hire. Like I say in my sig: REAL men don’t exploit girls and women; they PROTECT them.


I don’t like the term "sex trafficking because I think it softens what it really is: Sex Slavery. Talk to most blacks and they have a myopic and tunnel vision view of Slavery. They think it ONLY ever happened to them and no one else, never happened outside the United (Southern) States, never existed before America and does not exist today in spite of global slavery going on with hot spots in Africa and the Middle East, and most of the world.

Col I worked with gave his daughter a Mexican vacation when she grad from college, her best friend’s parents did same and the girls took off to Mexico. Calling home daily. Then one day the call did not come in, nor the second or the third day. In fact neither girl EVER heard from again, no trace, no help for Mexico or the US, gone, disappeared into thin air. Most likely they were captured and put into the sex SLAVE market where they were drugged and drugged then beat and drugged and sold into global slavery where they are consumed till useless then murdered.

That is NOT trafficking which sounds more like a bad day on I 35 going thru Austin Tx at rush hour…


I never thought of this, but it hit me that perhaps this is what happened to Natalee Holoway. Her body has never been found and that creep Joran van der Floot seems to have some kind of involvement in her disappearance.


In one sense, I can see what you mean. But to me, the term “trafficking” emphasizes the fact that the perps are treating these young women (and men, as the case may be) as commodities instead of people. They also use the term “human trafficking” for the overall catagory of slavery (“sex trafficking” used to be referred to as “white slavery”).

One caution: Although tales like the one you related do happen, it would be a mistake to assume that it’s just an overseas or out-of-the country problem; it’s all over the U.S., and I understand it is either the fastest or one of the fastest growing crimes in the country. It also needn’t be as obvious as shipping a girl to a different part of the country; some traffick a girl right out of her own home under the nose of her parents because the pimp has threatened her or her family with violence (whether they’re prepared to carry out the threat or not), or has maneuvered her into a compromising situation and threatened to expose her.

Like I’ve mentioned before:

To the pimps and johns: Turn in your man cards; they’re null and void until you realize that girls and women are ladies created by God; not sex toys for your profit or temporary pleasure (and you act accordingly).

To the victims: I’m praying for God to rescue your bodies and heal your souls.


Yesterday and today, Focus on the Family had a program on a ministry in Los Angeles. It deals with broken people in general (some of whom were sex trafficked), and not just a “hit-and-run” ministry:

Lessons Learned While Serving Others (Part 1 of 2) | Focus on the Family
Lessons Learned While Serving Others (Part 2 of 2) | Focus on the Family

There were two things that galled me (relating to the things that were happening in trafficking). One was the fact that there are pimps who aren’t content- dispicable as it is- to have “their” girls tattooed with a mark of “ownership,” but have them BRANDED. The other was an account of woman who told of having been trafficked in all fifty states, and how her daughter was the product of a rape by one of her pimps, and how she’d witnessed much of what was done to her mother over the years.

It’s stuff like that which shows me how far I have to go to learn how to live out Jesus’ command to “love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you” (Matthew 5:44). Because it makes me want to kill.


Yes, I can relate. But keep in mind that there is something called justified anger. That’s the kind of anger Jesus displayed when He kicked the money-changers out of the Temple. Wanting to kill someone isn’t the same as attempting to kill someone. That is a temptation. Those are the things the devil uses to turn us from Jesus–and every person is different. The devil knows our weaknesses and he will use them against us. Believe me. So, hang in there. He will give you what you need to channel your anger to positive and holy things.


It occurred to me after I posted that that he might not have been speaking literally about the branding (but he might have been).

I didn’t mention it in the post, but those Focus on the Family links also include an option for reading the text of the interview.

To the victims: Ladies (and you are, no matter what screaming bald-faced lies Satan has told you), I’m still praying for you.


A radio article from Family Life Network (our regional Christian radio network) about practical things most anybody can do against sex trafficking:

Inside Out: Help Stop Trafficking - Family Life Podcasts

Some of it may seem insignificant or intangible, but the potential benefits are quite real.

The “listen” and “podcast” links I assume give you the actual audio segment that I heard yesterday; the text article you’ll see is similar. One thing I noted from the audio article is that they said that on average, a runaway girl is approached by a sex trafficker within 48 hours of running away.

As I often say:

To the perps (both traffickers and johns): Turn in your man cards until you repent this nonsense and become men. Abusing girls isn’t manhood; it’s cowardice and malignant tumorhood.

To the victims: I’m still praying for you; male or female. I tend to fall into the trap of thinking strictly of female victims, but I know that even though a small minority, males are out there, too.

God loves you whether male or female, even if your evil circumstances seem otherwise. That latter thing is a lie of Satan, not the truth of God.


With the present day mores, nobody pays attention to human values anymore. I am so sick of the present generation demanding all of this “freedom” of expression to “do” their thing. The value of human life has dissipated with the degeneration of Christian Living and teaching. And sadly the Christian is mostly to blame, because the Church has bowed to mud dwellers to be more relevant. Human Sex Trafficking is a symptom of a much greater problem. That of the devaluation of gender basics. This Forum is a great example on a small scale of what I mean. Just a couple of years agi I doubt the moderators would have put up with some of the degenerate discussions being carried on here now.
How time changes things.


Actually, many such discussions have been going on for pretty much my whole time here. If nothing else, it’s useful to know just what the mindset of many leftists is. But it’s also (at least potentially) an opportunity to offer them food for thought. One might be quick to dismiss the notion that they’ll listen, but I myself embrace many fundamental things that I dismissed in younger years.

As to the current generation demanding a lot of this stuff, they were groomed for it. And I heartily agree that sex trafficking is a symptom of a larger problem. Although I would say that the problem is sin nature itself. The good news is that Jesus stomped it into the ground; we just have to wait to see the macro results (it’s happening on the personal level for people all the time).


There is a black blogger named Mychal Massie who has written a commentary on the death of Ali. It’s pretty revealing and VERY coherent and illustrates America’s fall from grace, so to speak, in matters of conscience and morality. He actually blames Ali for much of the rise of, fascination with and acceptance of the cult that is Islam in the U.S., for example. His blog is called “The Daily Rant.”


A farmer I knew once tried to scrub up his pigs and feed then only the best corn and fodder, thinking if they get used to being clean and being well fed, they just might turn into proper pigs with good breeding. But those pigs never understood it, pooped in the mud pit and then rolled in it.


That is called the “pig in chit syndrome”. Its why so few ever come out of poverty. Poverty is not bad living: Free is the key word from Obamafone to medical care, housing to utilities. No lawn to mow, now work need, very low overhead, your welfare check is all spendable income and its NOT for food, shelter or medical.

Yea I live ‘uptown’ as do most on here, I work and worked hard to get here, at 7:30 last nite I was finishing up on my John Deere and after pushing my “Billy Goat” mower around, all 344 lbs of it as I was clearing land. But ‘we’ (I am including the folks on here) worked a lot of years, learned a lot of skills and got a lot of education to make the trip in life and I am sure many of us had setbacks, I did, but we picked, got up and stood up again and again. This is why I am not living on the S side of town, where I lived until I was about 10 and Daddy got a promotion and afford to move us off that dusty dirt street on that side of town.

I chose in life not to be the “pig” and accept that life. But if you ask the pigs they will all tell you the same thing: Bad, how bad is it, look at me I am fat and living good…