Exposing the Dark World of Human Trafficking


I’m literally amazed at how many people at the supermarket who are paying with food stamps or their EIB card are grossly fat. Lefties will tell us that’s because these poor people consume “the wrong” foods. No. They eat TOO MUCH. When I was a cop, we had a local named “Pearl” who weighed in excess of 400 pounds. She was too big to get in and out of a bathtub and always smelled like rotted cheese. When she went to the supermarket, an employee would follow her around spraying air freshener so her smell wouldn’t linger in the store! Every month, when her period came around, she’d call for an ambulance because she thought she was “miscarrying.” Eventually, the ER doctors got tired of it and told her not to come back unless and until she washed herself. She wore flip-flops even in winter only so she wouldn’t have to bend over to put on her shoes. She was crossing the street one night and was struck by a car driven by a drunk driver and killed. The car was totaled.

Has anyone else noticed that in all these TV ads for contributions “to help feed the starving children in Ethiopia or Somalia” or some other hell-hole, the MOTHERS holding those pathetic-looking children seem to be well-fed and fairly healthy?

I’m not averse to helping those truly in need. I believe that SOME of the reason for our very existence is to help ourselves, our families and as many others as we can REASONABLY be expected to help. When fully HALF the population is dependent upon the largesse and generosity of the other half, that society is doomed.


Pigs don’t have sweat glands and use filth and mud on their skin to cool it–and to ward off biting flies. Pot-bellied pigs, raised in homes, don’t do it in the absence of biting flies and excessive heat, even if they occasionally go outdoors. They can be trained to use a litter box and they DON’T roll around in it.


I know exactly what you’re saying, 17Oaks. I worked hard my whole life starting at the bottom rung and working my way up. There were many times when I had to step back a few rungs, but I managed to get myself up and going again. I never had any help from anyone. No one. I learned very early on if I needed something done, I had to do it myself. And, I did. I’m sure my story, like yours, is a common story for most Americans.


I can identify there. My parents lived thru the depression and dust bowl leading to the loss of their ranch. The nearest ranch to theirs was almost a half-days ride on a horse. So you became independent and self standing. Sure your neighbors would give you the shirt off their back, help you just holler, but as my daddy said: ‘Son, when you call for help, you better be drowning’.


Not ONE person got the analogy. how sad.


I got it, NJC. I’m just not comfortable comparing people to pigs.


Doesn’t bother me one damn bit.
What has society fallen down too?


I did. It was pretty simple, actually.


[quote=“njc17, post:65, topic:39609”]
Not ONE person got the analogy. how sad.
[/quote]i certainly did, been using that since college…


I got the analogy


Guys, I’m not above participating in thread drift myself, but since I had in mine for this one to serve a useful purpose in regard to information and resources and such pertaining to sex trafficking, I’d really like to keep it more or less on topic.


The other day on Focus on the Family, they had a recording of Christian comedian Ken Davis from several years ago at a Promise Keepers event. He said one thing in there that I hadn’t heard before, and I thought was profound. He said that most girls who ended up in prostitution didn’t receive wholesome physical affection from their fathers in their teen years. Being guys, we tend to be afraid of hugging them for fear that our bodies will have a reaction to their mature femininity. But it ends up making them feel rejected. I submit ehis as food for thought for prevention. I’m guessing it’s much better to apologize profusely to your daughter if you have physical arousal and she notices it than to have her seeking affection from unwholesome and destructive sources.


Not sure I agree with this, but then I had an exceptional father. He wasn’t afraid to show me or my younger sisters physical affection. He was my hero and best friend. The idea of my father becoming physically aroused is so foreign to me because of the man he was. But, since so many girls are sexually abused by their fathers and step-fathers, this doesn’t surprise me.


Have a really tough time buying into that. NOT to say its NEVER occurred…But across the world you a huge “slave trade” in women. The there is the drug side where women get hooked into drugs and find prostitution an easy way to support their habit. Then you have cultural mores in some that if the first born is not a male then chances are the female will be put into prostitution to support her family.


I believe he was speaking of American culture. It may have been “many” instead of “most,” though; I can’t remember for sure.


I think modern culture is part of the problem. Society has become so sexualized that it becomes increasingly difficult (particularly for males) to think of any young attractive female without being erotically aware of them, which in turn makes it a battle not to become aroused (as opposed to not acting on it; anybody can do that, if they choose).


They had a feature on FLN news about parents dealing with their kids in regard to pornography that I meant to post last week. Since porn is a related problem and often uses trafficked girls, I figure it’s appropriate to bring up the issue here.

Here’s the FLN link: Inside Out: Parenting in a Pornography-Saturated World - Family Life Podcasts

And here’s a link to an article by the guest they were interviewing; it has some good thought-provoking material: Parenting in a Porn-Saturated World | CT Women | Christianity Today

Porn is not victimless.

To the victims: I’m praying for you. I ask the Lord to protect your heart, rescue you from your situation, heal your soul, and know Him as the healer of the broken. And know that the notion that you’re too far gone to be saved is a big fat LIE of Satan. God wants to save you, not dismiss you. He loves you, even though it doesn’t seem that way. And so do I.


I don’t know if the link will work (I couldn’t even get to the right page on the site itself, but it may be just a problem on my end), but Focus on the Family reaired a program from last year on the topic:

If the link doesn’t work, you can go to the Focus on the Family website and click on “daily broadcast,” and select the program for this date (Feb. 2).

As is invariably the case, the topic boils my blood.

To the victims: I’m still praying for you; I’ll try to do so more faithfully.

To the perps: God loves you as much as he loves me, but your deeds make loving my enemies a work in progress when I’d rather feed you to the dogs as a lost cause. Repent to God who does not regard you as such, and you’re good to go. Don’t, and you’re toast, no matter that He loves you and no matter the rush of power you feel from ruining lives like a malignant tumor, coward.


Your link works fine.


Nita Belles – I’d take what she says with a grain of salt.

I’m sure a lot of what she says is true and in need of public awareness & discussion, but she also purports the Superbowl human trafficking connection, which is about as real as the gender wage gap.

That myth has destroyed people’s lives, so please keep that in mind.