Extraordinary scientist declares: "God created the universe."

This man is highly respected and I would put his intelligence above that of de Grassi.

World Famous Scientist: God Created the Universe | Intellectual Takeout

Certainly God did, wasn’t the Government or Obama in spite of what Obama says…

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I think I need to read his entire piece. I find it hard to believe that a left leaner would totally come to this side with no subtle reservations. If all true though, they’ll destroy him.

By the way. You heard about the psychological study that said conservatives were crazed? The authors of the piece came back just recently and said they had it backwards. Where they had conservative, insert Liberal…where they had liberal, insert conservative. I guess the truth does come out at last.

There is no such thing as an Atheist who arrived at that view via the scientific process, everyone who desires truth above their personal whims will find the proof of God sooner or later; Atheism is a concept rooted in blind faith and fairy tales that cannot coexist with genuine science.

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That is true, but God works in mysterious ways. Who knows what stirrings God may have placed in this man’s heart? Perhaps his knowledge and love of science is the vehicle in which God presents Himself to this man.


I can just picture it:

[QUOTE=Obama (to God)]You didn’t build that…[/QUOTE]


Of course! You are 100% correct. There is no scientific proof (prove a negative?) that a god/s doesn’t exist, but so what? No one that understands what an atheist is would make such a statement. i.e., “I’m an atheist because I’ve discovered via the scientific process, that god/s do not exist”, that’s nonsense. It is the lack of scientifically verifiable, testable and repeatable evidence for a god/s that generally convinces a person to hold an atheistic position. Of course there are other positive claims that an atheist might hold, sort of “negative” evidence that may also persuade a person to come to lack beleif in a deity or a specific god like Allah or Yahweh, but most people who lack beleif know that anything that evidence upholds as true is only true until something can prove it wrong.

That’s not to say that people who identify as atheists do not claim to know there is no god because of science. The aforementioned claim is not a position that necessary to being an atheist, thus some atheists make that claim, but then again, so do some Patriots fans. Your confusing sufficient and necessary conditions.

“I’m an Believer because I’ve discovered via the scientific process, that god/s does exist”

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Actually, you didn’t highlight the whole sentence…

“I’m an atheist because I’ve discovered via the scientific process, that god/s do not exist”, **that’s nonsense.

**Having said that, I believe James Randi is offering $1 million to anyone that can prove god via the scientific method.

I am quite satisfied with my results, its was my studies in Newtonian science and physics that led me to believe without question…if you chose not to believe that is your issue not mine…

You don’t prove spiritual truths by material processes.

I always wondered how the human race would react if science proved that God was real. Most of us would just say “DUH!” but seeing others reactions would be something.

I did not say Atheists need to find proof that there is no God, I said that Atheists did not arrive at that belief by respecting the scientific process; science proves that this universe was designed so the only legitimate question is whether any of the current views which describe the God who designed it are accurate.

Only a fool says that there is no God, it is lying to ones own self with nothing to gain.

You might say duh, you might not. You should read and understand some of how Kaku came to his conclusions. The more I’ve been diving into the same field that Kaku (as per the original video) goes into and quantum mechanics, the more I’m shifting over to a intelligence designing the universe as well and up to and saying god or gods/goddesses. But it’s not pointing in any way to things like heaven/hell or any specific religion over the other. I am still agnostic, but certain findings are slowly shifting me into other… scarier beliefs on our origins.

The existence of god cannot be falsified, thus it cannot be tested nor can it be proven (or dis-proven).

Science does no such thing. You’ve simply inferred that what science says and created a narrative lacking the necessary requirements for scientific validation, rather simply created a narritive that is constant with your beliefs.

As long as we’re here, care to share this proof?

Legitimate questions for those that believe to know that (a) god/s exists is:

  1. How to demonstrate that a god exists in a way that can be scientifically falsified

  2. If you are satisfied that god is real, is god the being consistence with the religion you’ve chosen.

If you are referring to me, I’ve never made the statement “there is no god”.

I’d say most people who make that claim are layman who don’t understand existential implications of the claim, “there is no god”. The claim is as unfalsifiable as “there is no intelligent life anywhere else in the universe”. Most of the time if you sit down and explain the difference to a non-believer, they concede that they cannot prove the non-existence of anything.


I always find it interesting when someone refers to design and intelligence.

Would you say the universe is complex?